Ron Paul lacks compassion, humanity, and common sense

The problem with ideologues is they too often put their political views before everything else, as witness this remarkably tactless and stupid comment from Ron Paul.

I’m not even sure what Paul’s point is. Chris Kyle was trying to help a vet who has PTSD. The vet apparently murdered him, either because he flipped out or maybe because he wanted Kyle’s truck. Kyle was a sniper so Ron Paul appears to be saying that since Kyle lived by the sword he somehow deserved to die violently, which makes no sense, as well as being a heartless statement that is devoid of empathy. But then, ideologues rarely have empathy.

Ron Paul: You’re A Pig, says Karl Denninger, co-founder of the original Tea Party

Sometimes, when you’re trying to help a wounded tiger, it eats you. You do what you can do avoid that from occurring, but sometimes it happens. I am certainly not qualified to judge the quality of the relationship between Chris and the man who shot him; I knew neither individual at all.

But this much I do know: Dancing on a man’s grave to score anti-war political points is bull****.

It’s no more right to do this than it is to dance on the dead bodies of children following a school shooting, and using either as a political talking point is dead flat ****ing wrong.

Ron Paul and neo-Nazis. Far more than guilt by association

SPLC on American Third Position. Ron Paul has repeatedly had conference calls with their board of directors.

The American Third Position is a political party initially established by racist Southern California skinheads that aims to deport immigrants and return the United States to white rule. The group is now led by a coterie of prominent white nationalists, including corporate lawyer William D. Johnson, virulent anti-Semite Kevin MacDonald and white nationalist radio host James Edwards. David Duke’s former right-hand man, Jamie Kelso, helps with organizing. The party has big plans to run candidates nationwide.


Sadly, none of this surprises me and I believe it to be completely true. This is why, as a Christian, I could NEVER support Ron Paul. Sure, I know a bunch of my RP supporting friends are gonna call out “guilt by association” and say he never said any of this stuff. But my reply is that he’s had ample opportunity to repudiate these relationships and he never has.

A former member of a neo-Nazi group says

“Paul is a white nationalist of the Stormfront type who has always kept his racial views and his views about world Judaism quiet because of his political position”

Ron Paul linked to Neo-Nazis now. Anonymous hacks emails

Ron Paul has current links to extremist, racist, neo-Nazi groups. He has been on conference calls with the board of directors of A3P, an extremist right group with neo-Nazi connections. This is happening now, not decades ago.

From Anonymous. Emphasis added.

Fellow anons: we are pleased to bring you the dismantling of a major US-based white supremacist network known as the “American Third Position”(A3P). These racist losers have chapters across the US, operate several white power websites, forums and online stores, and are even running a candidate in the 2012 elections. Although they try hard to maintain a professional public image to camouflage their vile racism, we’re now airing all their dirty laundry all over the internet. Contained in this major dump are several thousand private forum messages, personal emails, internal organization notes, names, phone numbers, home addresses and other information on all of their members and supporters. It’s time for these cowardly suit and tie white supremacists to sleep with one eye open. Scared much?

In addition to finding the usual racist rants and interactions with other whitepower groups, we also found a disturbingly high amount of members who are also involved in campaigning for Ron Paul. According to these messages, Ron Paul has regularly met with many A3P members, even engaging in conference calls with their board of directors. Ron Paul’s racist politics and affiliations are already well known, being viciously anti-immigrant, anti-abortion and against gay marriage — not to mention having authored the racist “Ron Paul Papers” and receiving financial support from other white power groups (pictured with Don Black from Hard to believe Ron Paul draws some support from the left and the occupation movements, especially now that it is confirmed Ron Paul hangs out with straight up racist hate groups.

We put extra effort in ruining the life of A3P webmaster Jamie Kelso. On top of being on the board of directors of A3P, former $cientologist, and high ranking Ron Paul organizer, he also is the account owner of german nazi forums and store, We went ahead and wiped those websites off the internet as well, dumping private messages and order information. Aside from us releasing his information such as his social security number, ddress, resume and private discussions, we also heard some folks went on a joyride with Kelso’s credit card and made some lulzy purchases, including sex toy purchases and making donations to the Anti Defamation League and many others. Oops.

Electoral political wasteland. Only one candidate is antiwar

Black Agenda Report

We know that we are in an electoral political wasteland when the only major party discussion of U.S. empire and endless warfare takes place in the Republican presidential primary.

Ron Paul is the only candidate who opposes US imperialism and the wars. The silence from Obama, the Democratic Party, and Democrats in Congress on ending adventurist wars that only profit arms dealers shows how craven and bought they are. The Republican candidates, except for Ron Paul, are even worse, foaming at the mouth with blood lust to go bomb something.

So how is that Ron Paul is the only candidate of either party talking about what most of the rest of the country already knows. The wars accomplish nothing and are bankrupting the country.

YouTube mashup of what some black people really think of Ron Paul instead of how many in the media portray his followers

And yes, I am quite aware that Ron Paul is Loony Tunes when it comes to other issues. But he is right about imperialism and the wars.

Ron Paul anti-war ad

No other candidate is this blunt about the stupidity and uselessness of our wars. And that, Ian Welch says, is why Ron Paul splits the left. He forces them to decide what most important. Abortion or ending the wars? Stopping climate change or jailing the banksters? Apologizing for Obama or supporting Habeus Corpus?

And that’s why many progressives are attacking any other progressive who says anything good about Paul, because Paul threatens to split the left, and because Paul makes progressives decide what they value most.

Naked Capitalism calls it Ron Paul vs. the Nanny State Liberals. He won’t win, or even come close. But he will influence the race.

The ad is from Ron Paul’s speech “Imagine” on March 11, 2009.

Imagine for a moment that somewhere in the middle of Texas there was a large foreign military base, say Chinese or Russian. Imagine that thousands of armed foreign troops were constantly patrolling American streets in military vehicles. Imagine they were here under the auspices of “keeping us safe” or “promoting democracy” or “protecting their strategic interests.”

Imagine that they operated outside of US law, and that the Constitution did not apply to them. Imagine that every now and then they made mistakes or acted on bad information and accidentally killed or terrorized innocent Americans, including women and children, most of the time with little to no repercussions or consequences. Imagine that they set up checkpoints on our soil and routinely searched and ransacked entire neighborhoods of homes. Imagine if Americans were fearful of these foreign troops, and overwhelmingly thought America would be better off without their presence.

Imagine if some Americans were so angry about them being in Texas that they actually joined together to fight them off, in defense of our soil and sovereignty, because leadership in government refused or were unable to do so. Imagine that those Americans were labeled terrorists or insurgents for their defensive actions, and routinely killed, or captured and tortured by the foreign troops on our land. Imagine that the occupiers’ attitude was that if they just killed enough Americans, the resistance would stop, but instead, for every American killed, ten more would take up arms against them, resulting in perpetual bloodshed. Imagine if most of the citizens of the foreign land also wanted these troops to return home. Imagine if they elected a leader who promised to bring them home and put an end to this horror.

Imagine if that leader changed his mind once he took office.

The reality is that our military presence on foreign soil is as offensive to the people that live there as armed Chinese troops would be if they were stationed in Texas. We would not stand for it here, but we have had a globe-straddling empire and a very intrusive foreign policy for decades that incites a lot of hatred and resentment towards us.

According to our own CIA, our meddling in the Middle East was the prime motivation for the horrific attacks on 9/11. But instead of re-evaluating our foreign policy, we have simply escalated it. We had a right to go after those responsible for 9/11, to be sure, but why do so many Americans feel as if we have a right to a military presence in some 160 countries when we wouldn’t stand for even one foreign base on our soil, for any reason? These are not embassies, mind you, these are military installations. The new administration is not materially changing anything about this. Shuffling troops around and playing with semantics does not accomplish the goals of the American people, who simply want our men and women to come home. 50,000 troops left behind in Iraq is not conducive to peace any more than 50,000 Russian soldiers would be in the United States.

Shutting down military bases and ceasing to deal with other nations with threats and violence is not isolationism. It is the opposite. Opening ourselves up to friendship, honest trade and diplomacy is the foreign policy of peace and prosperity. It is the only foreign policy that will not bankrupt us in short order, as our current actions most definitely will. I share the disappointment of the American people in the foreign policy rhetoric coming from the administration. The sad thing is, our foreign policy WILL change eventually, as Rome’s did, when all budgetary and monetary tricks to fund it are exhausted.

This is a speech that would have worked perfectly at big anti-war protests. The problem was that the organizers were generally such pin-headed Marxists that they refused to let right-wing libertarians speak, and deliberately ignored the huge common ground that existed.

Why are there no left-wing politicians of national stature who oppose the wars and the banksters as strongly as Ron Paul does?