Rahm, don’t let the door hit you on your way out

Marc Cooper on Rahm

Rahm is a prick and the sooner he goes the better. He made his career as a bag man and hatchet-wielder for Bill Clinton and his real interest is in making money, somehow amassing a fortune of some $20 million after he left the Clinton admin. What luck!

Emanuel is the very embodiment of the most cynical streak in American politics and makes a mockery of the professed (and imaginary) ideals of the Democratic Party. I do not subscribe by the way, to the theory that Obama has been victimized by Emanuel’s conservative views on everything from unions to health care to regulatory reform. He served at the pleasure of the president and the president was, apparently, pleased.

Precisely. This Obama is Bedeviled by Bad Advisors excuse is just that, an excuse. Obama appointed him and they go way back. Plus, for such a supposed get ‘er done tough guy pit bull, Rahm has been more like a chihuahua, letting the Republicans kick the Democrats around. Someone with actual political competence wouldn’t have allowed that to happen. Why, their incompetence seems almost purposeful. For example, had the Republicans tried to pull that crap with LBJ, he would have had them screaming for mercy. Thus, they wouldn’t have even tried. That’s the difference. There’s no payback from the Obama Administration when they’re crossed. Except towards liberals and progressives, of course.

Rahm as progressive scapgoat for Obama’s failings

Some progressives are blaming Rahm Emmanuel for the perilous condition of the Obama presidency. Ah yes, the evil Machiavelli whispers things in poor little Obama’s ear, forcing him to do things against his will. It’s just so tragic. And surely, they reason, were the Evil One to depart the White House, then Obama would quickly come to his senses and Do The Right Thing.

Talk about wishful thinking. These progressives forget that Obama hired Emmanuel.

Rahm Emanuel and Magnetar Capital: The definition of compromised

From Naked Capitalism. Emphasis added

1) A neutron star with an intense magnetic field, capable of emitting toxic radiation across galaxies
2) A hedge fund, the single market player most responsible for the severity of the 2008 financial crisis, through the toxic instruments it created

Rahm Emanuel

1) White House Chief of Staff
2) Politician selected by Magnetar’s CEO to be sole recipient of his political donations, 2006-2008

Firedoglake goes after Rahm, White House deals with Fannie, Freddie

Jame Hamsher of Firedoglake breaks with the liberal pack and says corruption must be opposed everywhere, not just when the other side is doing it. Absolutely. She specifically means Rahm Emmanuel, the White House, and their sleazy dealings with Fannie and Freddie.

Treasury okays unlimited slush fund for Fannie, Freddie

Forget raising the cap to $800 billion for Fannie/Freddie. They announce (on Christmas eve no less) that the slush fund for picking up toxic mortgage is unlimited:

Announcing this on Christmas Eve is a sure sign they wanted to bury it and hope it was ignored.

As Ian Welsh notes, now that the Fed might actually be audited, what better place to stash all those toxic assets than at Fannie and Freddie, where there is no independent auditor since they sacked their own Inspector General?

She finds Rahm’s action indefensible. And has no use for those who just want to be on the side that’s winning. Good.

I think what we’re seeing is a breakdown of the progressive online community into those who are willing to overlook extreme financial malfeasance if “our guys” are the ones doing it, and those who don’t want to be part of “our guys” if that’s the price. Count me in with the latter group, because the hypocrisy of the former is what led to the Bush dead-enders and their irrational embrace of George Bush beyond limit. A small cabal who can only interpret things through personalities is going to lose the rest of the country pretty quickly, because most people actually believe that these continuous bailouts are part of the “enormous problems” we are struggling with.

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The White House responded to her joint call with Grover Norquist for Rahm to resign saying Rahn was in no danger. But they did respond. Hamsher is making real enemies here and deserve the complete support of those who genuinely want to end corruption and bailouts for banksters.