Adventures with Qwest

After several months here in Cedar City with our Qwest DSL continually deteriorating to the point where sometimes I can’t watch YouTube at night or GMail chokes, I’m going with InfoWest, who has line of sight transmitters throughout the area with 6 MB bursts. This will be substantially faster than the actual speeds I’m getting with Qwest with my supposed 3 MB connection (which last night did a fine imitation of a dial-up modem.) Infowest is a small, highly regarded local Internet provider in southern Utah who beams the net into many otherwise¬†inaccessible¬†places, like remote valleys, small hamlets, as well as towns.

Qwest, bless their hearts, keeps telling me that, by golly, they know there’s a problem and it’ll get fixed real soon now. Yesterday they said the problem was congestion in a data center. Yes, I said, I’d already figured that out, and when might it be fixed? Oh, by May 20, they said.

Their incompetence would almost be comical if I didn’t use the net for business.