The future of US politics is Prop 19

Al Giordano

Nomadic, and on the move, more reliant on the Internet than the television for their news intake, they’re the future of the United States. And they’re also a lot more multi-racial – and more actively defy societal apartheids – than the rest of the population. OMG! Wait”¦ wait”¦ see that little light bulb popping on over our heads? By Jove, I think we get it! Those are the 2008 first time Obama voters, duh! And getting them to vote in the midterm elections is the biggest headache that the White House and the Democratic party has right now leading up to November 2.

This would seem to be a no-brainer. The Democratic Party gets behind legal pot and millions of no-landline-phone, likes-a-few-tokes young voters go to the polls and vote for Democrats.

Yet both Jerry Brown and Barbara Boxer oppose Prop 19. Maybe after it passes, then the Democratic establishment will start coming around. But even with them being against it now, it’s clear that the race if California is being tilted in favor of Democrats because of the pro-Prop 19 vote.

And that is an earthquake politicians will not long ignore.