Occupy Wall Street ‘pepper-spray’ cop named in Bush protest claim

We called cops like Anthony Bologna “pigs” in the 1960’s. The name still fits. But he’s just a thuggish example of how police too often run interference for and protect the interests of the elites.

For genuine inspiration and heroism look to the people of Syria and Yemen who are literally risking their lives in the streets. Some mistakenly say we have fascism here. Not even close. Syria, Uzbekistan, Myanmar are the thugocracies where a wrong move on the streets means you get hideously tortured. Not that some here wouldn’t do things like that if they could. But our laws, culture, and Constitution still prevent it, and that’s a good thing.

Malcolm X once said about protest in the 60’s “Today it’s time to stop singing and start swinging.” Yes, the left needs to get militant again. The problem isn’t low-level cops but the corrupt interests they protect and serve.

And they can be overthrown. It happens all the time in history.

[Martin Luther King Jr.] organized peaceful protests in an attempt to shine a spotlight on the injustices of those in power.

Now some folks in New York City are doing the same thing. King was killed for his commitment. They’re getting arrested.

And they say we’ve come a long way. Maybe they’re right: We’ve come full circle.

Second London cop suspended for brutality

london cop brutality

The woman, clutching a carton of orange juice and digital camera, remonstrates with the officer. He is then seen drawing a baton from his pocket and striking the woman on her legs. The officer’s badge number was concealed.

The usual denials and coverups would continue, except for those damn video cameras that protesters have. The agency investigating, the apparently poorly named Independent Police Complaints Commission first said there was no CCTV coverage of the earlier Tomlinson attack then was forced to say, gosh, looks like there were after all. Maybe they didn’t have time to destroy all the tapes. Did I say that? Gosh, sorry. Wouldn’t want to impute the motives of a fearless investigative commission that wishes only to discover the truth.

LAPD: Acts like thugs, pays more damages

You’d think LAPD would eventually get it, that acting like gang members with badges just means more multi-million dollar lawsuits and bad press.

But nope, the City of LA just had to pay out $32 million more in police brutality claims.

This video was probably one of the claims. It’s from a July 6, 2006 counter-protest in Hollywood where a LAPD officer clubbed two people lying on the sidewalk. It has gotten over 780,000 views on my YouTube account.

Tonight we were walking down the street in San Francisco. Two beat cops were there. Not strutting. Not glowering at the civilians. Not exuding menace. You could ask them a question – something I’d never have considered doing with LAPD officers when I lived in LA.