Murdock, Scotland Yard, and cozy relationships

Scotland Yard is essentially the detective branch of the Metropolitan Police of greater London which now appears to have been comatose about investigating early claims of News of the World phone hacking.

NY Times: Stain from tabloids rubs off on a cozy Scotland Yard

Washington Post: In Britain, phone hacking sullies famed Scotland Yard

Guardian: Met chiefs on drinking terms with former NoW deputy editor

Telegraph: Phone hacking: Sir Paul Stephenson faces questions of health spa stay.

The career of Sir Paul Stephenson is hanging in the balance after it emerged he enjoyed a five-week stay for free at a luxurious health farm promoted by the former deputy editor of the News of the World

Guardian: Arrested ex-News of the World executive Neil Wallis worked for Met.

AmericaBlog: London police pressured The Guardian about hacking stories.

Murdochs refuse to testify before Parliament

Rebekah Brooks will testify, as she is a British subject. The Murdochs are American citizens.

Nick Cleeg, Deputy Prime Minister, said “If they have any shred of sense of responsibility or accountability for their position of power then they should come and explain themselves to the select committee.”

Rep. Peter King (R-NY) joins Senators John Rockefeller (D-WV), Barbara Boxer (D-CA), Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ) and Bob Menendez (D-NJ) in calling for an investigation of News Corp. in the US.

Update: The Murdochs have said they will testify before Parliament.

Murdoch phone hacking scandal escalates

Murdoch corporate headquarters ponders their next move (Flickr photo: pingnews)

Ex PM Gordon Brown: Newspaper hired ‘known criminals’

They also may have tried to get illegal information on the Queen. Two of their former journalists said police officers had been bribed. Prince Charles may have been targeted too. The Sunday Times and the Sun may be involved too.

Scotland Yard has contacted just 170 of 3,870 suspected hacking victims. MPs find his testimony ‘unconvincing’

News International appears unclear on the concept.

A News International spokesperson said: “We note the allegations made today concerning the reporting of matters relating to Gordon Brown. So that we can investigate these matters further, we ask that all information concerning these allegations is provided to us.”

Ah, no. The police and MPs will be investigating News International. Is New Internaional so arrogant and dimwitted as to pretend anyone would still believe a word they say, especially when investigating themselves on potentially criminal charges?

Rupert Murdoch, James Murdoch, and Rebekah Brooks will testify before parliament on Tuesday. They said they “will cooperate.” Again, we see more of their arrogance and cluelessness. If they refuse to testify they can be compelled to do so. They seem to think they are still in control of events. That is no longer true.

Maybe Fox News should be investigated too. And since bribery is a major issue and News Corp is an American entity, perhaps they should be investigated under RICO as a corrupt organization.

“The Murdochs have lost control of events”

Naked Capitalism has a detailed rundown on the latest news, including the Murdoch’s shooting their employees in the head to save themselves, Brooks, and the BSkyB deal.

Rebekah Brooks no longer in charge of phone-hacking inquiry

British Prime Minister’s ex-aide arrested.

Andy Coulson, former News of the World (NoW) editor and media spokesman for prime minister David Cameron, was arrested on Friday along with another journalist as authorities responded to charges of widespread telephone-hacking and corruption at the Rupert Murdoch-owned British newspaper.

This scandal is just warming up…

"We here at News Corp want you to know we are on top of the problem." (Flickr photo by basmati - authentic help)

The real phone hacking issue. Who runs Britain?

Is it a democratically elected government and parliament that is accountable to those who elected them? Or is it a right wing media mogul who isn’t even eligible to vote in this country yet through his media empire has been able and allowed to set the nation’s political agenda for nigh on three decades?

Worse is the realisation that far too many of those same elected politicians and government ministers have placed more of a priority on winning and maintaining the approval of the Murdoch press throughout their tenure in office than serving the interests of their own constituents.