Is the Norway shooter a meth addict?

The Norway shooter’s lawyer says Breivik “is in a bubble”, “very cold”, and took drugs to “be strong, to be efficient, to be awake.”

That sure sounds like amphetamines to me; the grandiosity, psychotic states of mind, remoteness, deranged sense of invulnerability, as well as unpredictability, edginess, and nastiness. So, about now, he’s crashing badly off the drugs, lying in a bed in solitary twitching as he returns to bumpily to earth.

The lawyer also says his client might be insane.

No big surprise there.

Norway must somehow still be the fault of Muslims, MSM opines

Lenin’s Tomb is spot on.

However, if you want to understand the attitude of the punditocracy to fascist terrorism, consider the query put by BBC News to the former Norwegian Prime Minister yesterday: “Do you think not enough attention was paid to those unhappy re immigration?” Or, consider this New York Times article blaming the failure of multiculturalism. Or, look at this Atlantic article, which describes such racist terrorism as a “mutation of jihad” – that is “the spread of the ‘jihad’ mentality to anti-immigrant and racist groups”. You begin to get the picture. The idea to find some way in which all of this is still the fault of Muslim immigrants. The logic will be: the fascists express legitimate grievances, but go too far Or worse, in their natural outrage, they have allowed themselves to become like them.

Why is it that the MSM rarely focuses on right-wing terrorism while devoting acres of footage to left-wing and Islamist terrorism? That The Atlantic, a mildly liberal publication, engages in such gibberish is disheartening. They are deliberately evasive or simply ignorant of the facts.

Car bombs and terrorism were not invented by Muslims. The first car bomb aimed at killing civilians was detonated by anarchists outside JP Morgan’s Wall Street bank in 1920. It killed 38 people. The IRA invented car bombs but only used them against British military targets prior to that. They later used them against civilians, which qualifies the attacks as terrorism. These bombings predate the Islamist upsurge by many years. This makes arguments that the Norway atrocities are mutated jihadism little more than willful ignorance of reality. You could just as easily, and perhaps more rightly, say they were influenced by IRA and anarchist tactics.

The Guardian is scathing.

The news coverage of the Norway mass-killings was fact-free conjecture

Let’s be absolutely clear, it wasn’t experts speculating, it was guessers guessing – and they were terrible

These “[What this lunatic did was awful,] but…” commenters then go on to discuss immigration, often with reference to a shaky Muslim-baiting story they’ve half-remembered from the press. So despite this being a story about an anti-Muslim extremist killing Norwegians who weren’t Muslim, they’ve managed to find a way to keep the finger of blame pointing at the Muslims, thereby following a narrative lead they’ve been fed for years, from the overall depiction of terrorism as an almost exclusively Islamic pursuit.

This is gutter journalism, well-paid lackies perpetuating a predetermined government and corporate agenda in deliberate disregard for facts or the non-existent objectivity they claim to have. And it’s not just Murdoch doing it either.

An obvious Muslim terrorist

Google+ as a primary news source, and more

I first learned about the Norway bombing and murders on Google+. So did Scoble. So did lots of people. Images and videos appear as part of the feed, unlike Twitter, and there’s no 140 character limit. On Facebook, what you see is filtered, so you may not see all of someone’s posts. This doesn’t happen on G+. Everything is open and it’s easy to jump in and add to a conversation. It was also easy to find posts from people in Norway with had photos, videos, and thoughts to share.

The Gillmor Gang — Robert Scoble, Andrew Keen, Kevin Marks, and Steve Gillmor — convened for yet another G+ conversation. This one, however, was noted for its evenhandedness as @ajkeen and @scobleizer traded social blows over the new Google service. As someone in the Friendfeed chat on the livecast noted, @stevegillmor seems surprisingly positive about the new service. As Keen observed, that’s because I think the new service is Friendfeed revisited.

Of course, it is. But it’s also Twitter without the 140 character limit, Facebook without the unseen authority algorithm, and the Gillmor Gang without a human director (Hangouts). @kevinmarks says it a little differently, seeing G+ growth gaining on Club Penguin. And that’s the fundamental reason Google has a winner, by underlining the best parts of each of these services and floating all boats on a rising tide.

That’s the crucial point. G+ has raised the bar. We all will benefit from this. The video is an hour and definitely worth watching.

Norway shooter mentions “investor contacts” Who are they?

From Breivik’s ponderous 1518 page manifesto, pg. 1470

Friday July 22 – Day 82: Initiate blasting sequenses at pre-determined sites. Test dirt for gram of gold per kg. Have enough material for at least 20 blasts. Start capitalization of project as soon as I have results. Time is running out, liquidity squeese inc. Call / email all my investor contacts with updated online prospectus / pdf.

And just who might these investors be? His manifesto is quite lucid, even if he’s mad as a hatter, so he wasn’t making this up. These multiple investors need to be tracked down, exposed, and imprisoned.

Norway PM. “The answer to violence is even more democracy”

His statement hours after the attacks (emphasis added)

“Today Norway was hit by two shocking and bloody and cowardly attacks. We still do not know who attacked us; much is still uncertain. But we know that many are dead and injured. We are all shocked at the evil that has struck us so brutally and so suddenly This night demands much of all of us. And the days that follow will demand even more We are prepared to face up to this.

Norway hangs together during critical times. We mourn our dead, we suffer with the injured, and we comfort relatives. This is about attacks on innocent civilians, on young people at summer camp. An attack on all of us.

I have a message to the people who attacked us, and those behind them. This is a message from all of Norway: You will not destroy us. You will not destroy our democracy nor our quest for a better world. We are a small nation, but we are a proud nation. No one shall bomb us into silence or shoot us into silence. Nothing will frighten us out of being Norway. This night we will comfort each other, talk with each other, and stand together.

Tomorrow we will show the world that Norway’s democracy grows stronger when it is challenged. We shall find the guilty and hold them responsible. The important thing tonight is to save lives, to care for the victims and their loved ones I would like to state my recognition for the work of the police, the medics, and all the other people who currently do such formidable work to help others, healing injures and saving lives.

We must never cease to stand up for our values. We have to show that our open society can pass this test, too, And that the answer to violence is even more democracy, even more humanity, but never naïveté. That is what we owe to the victims and to the those they hold dear.”