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Indoor marijuana growing uses 8% of California electricity



One more reason to legalize marijuana: Secretive indoor growing uses prodigious amounts of electricity and generates large amounts of greenhouse gases. Nationwide, indoor grow houses use 1% of all electricity with usage in California a whopping 8%.

“If improved practices applicable to commercial agricultural greenhouses are any indication, such large amounts of energy are not required for indoor cannabis production,” he wrote. “Cost-effective efficiency improvements of 75 percent are conceivable.”

Humboldt marijuana farm diverted creek, killed fish


Let’s legalize marijuana which will, among other things, put an end to the environmental damage done by growers now.

Charges for alleged water diversions, oil pollution and marijuana cultivation along a creek in the Mattole River watershed are being sought against four Ettersberg residents, authorities said Wednesday.

This farm was relatively small, 1050 plants, $200,000 in cash, and seven guns. Other grows are much larger and the damage they do is much worse. Large amounts of fertilizer and pesticides dumped into streams, trash everywhere, etc.

California says marijuana farms are too dangerous to deal with


Hillsides are denuded by bulldozers, wildlife is poisones, fertilizers and chemical pollute streams – all this from big marijuana grows in California. Local officials asked the state for help – and got turned down. The state said it was too dangerous.

Um, if not now then when? If California lets big growers and cartels grow marijuana unimpeded and don’t try to stop them, then the problems will inevitably get much worse.

I find it deeply curious the state is giving big marijuana growers a free pass.

Billions for banksters and war, but don’t you be toking

Federal prosecutors are sending letters to landlords renting space to legal-by-California law grow rooms saying their property could be seized if they don’t evict the tenants. Gosh, it’s almost like they want the Mexican drug cartels to control all the growing. Because that’s exactly what will happen.

It gets even crazier. A House committee has passed law making it illegal for Americans to discuss smoking weed in countries like Holland where it is legal. Smoking it there would still be legal. But discussing plans to do so would be a federal crime. I am not making this up.

Private land: New frontier in California pot wars

A little-spoken-of war is taking place behind California’s fences and property lines – trespassing marijuana growers are setting booby traps, resorting to violence and vandalism, and spoiling the land by stealing water and spraying dangerous chemicals that leach into streams.

The growers, who are usually are Mexican drug cartels, often send boys under 18 to guard the marijuana farms because if caught, they will be tried as minors. But make no mistake, they are heavily armed. Ranchers have been shot at and had property destroyed in retaliation. Law enforcement sometimes seems oddly slow and lethargic about responding, helping clean up the toxic mess left behind but doing little to track and arrest the growers. Yes, this would be seriously dangerous and is maybe beyond the capabilities of some local law enforcement (that’s not a putdown, simply the truth) but still, the opportunity for corruption is clear and obvious.

Landowner Vellutini said she doesn’t smoke marijuana but is concerned for people who do. “They don’t know what they’re smoking,”Vellutini said. “‘ve seen the stuff that’s going on them. That stuff is sprayed with so many herbicides and pesticides. It’s awful. And I don’t know what effect that’s having on a person, but it’s got to be something. It’s toxic pot.”