Meanwhile, the vampire squid continues its slithery ways

The Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission has issued a subpoena to Goldman for failure to comply with requests for documents.

The commission remarked of Goldman that, “Failure to comply with a Commission request is viewed with the utmost seriousness, as the Commission will not be deterred from getting desired information.”

There is no truth to the rumor the Goldman sabotaged Deepwater Horizon in a desperate and apparently successful attempt to get the spotlight off them and onto another equally contemptible and amoral corporation.

Meanwhile, Obama, who recently forced the PM of Japan out of office using seriously hardball tactics, still professes he needs to go softly and gently against the Squid and the Gulf Despoiler because getting angry is pointless, even though that’s precisely what he did to Japan.

Jesus loved selfishness and greed. Goldman tells us so. Newspeak reigns

jesus money changers temple

More on the quite bizarre attempt by the banksters to cloak themselves in the garb of Jesus.

“The injunction of Jesus to love others as ourselves is an endorsement of self-interest. We have to tolerate the inequality as a way to achieving greater prosperity and opportunity for all.”
— Goldman Sachs mouthpiece Brian Griffiths at St. Pauls in London

Funny, I thought Jesus threw the money-changers out of the temple rather than blessing them for doing His work.

Goldman one-ups Gordon Gekko
, says Jesus embraced greed

They actually believe this to be true, or are trying to believe it is true, and by making the case publicly hope to persuade the world to see the light (and just maybe reaffirm to themselves in the process) and embrace the Orwellian propositions that greed is love and taking is sharing.

It’s not hard to imagine how they could actually believe this stuff. Absolutely the dumbest people in the world, always and without fail, are intellectuals

On invoking God to defend Mammon

This is the most brazen example of Newspeak I have ever seen. The remark Griffith cited is against self-interest, it’s a clear and well known instruction to put other people’s interest on the same footing as your own, to be at least fair, if not to go out of your way to be fair. But all Griffiths pays attention to is the self love part, ignores the rest, and acts as if he can brazen his way into getting others to buy his obviously warped reading.

I’m calling this the Goldman Derangement Syndrome. They’re clearly losing it. In about two years investment banking in general and Goldman in particular have gone from being Masters of the Universe to mostly despised. They’ve never faced anything like this. Sure, they still have their hooks into the government. But not the populace. Not any more.

Goldman gives itself billions via AIG and the government

capitalist pig

Goldman got $6 billion from AIG, the WSJ reports.

Q. Who was the only financial firm to have a seat at the table during the federal government discussions on saving AIG?

A. You got it, Goldman.

This is grotesque cronyism especially considering that then Sec. of Treasury Paulson was an ex-CEO of Goldman. If this happened in a banana republic, we’d call it corruption, wouldn’t we?

I tell ya, folks, they’re practically inviting peasants with pitchforks to start gathering in the streets.

Hey, let’s make money by further mangling the finances of states

Pond scum

Goldman recommends credit default swaps against NJ, CA, WI, FL, OH, MI, others

By recommending that clients buy CDS against states, Goldman is deliberately aiding and abetting the financial problems of these states in order to make a quick profit. Any concern as to the damage this will cause to those states is of course irrelevant to them.

But wait, it gets even more pond-scummy. Goldman is one of the top municipal bond underwriters, and with this recommendation, are now advising their deep-pocket investors to, in effect, sell short some of the very same bonds they helped underwrite. I’m thinking they deserve a new circle in Hell.