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Low temperature geothermal could be a game-changer

Traditional geothermal technology requires 360+ degrees Fahrenheit sources that are difficult to find, less abundant, and therefore costly to discover and develop. Low-temperature geothermal technology makes it possible to access resources as low as 165°F. According to the SMU Geothermal Laboratory, this innovative technology is a “game-changer” and widely opens doors for the geothermal industry.

This type of geothermal is used to create power not to heat and cool homes. Because this technology could be used in many new places, the possible power that could be generated is in terawatts.

Geothermal powers 20% of Reno during the day

At night, geothermal production meets 50% of Reno’s needs. Geothermal is reliable and steady, producing power 24/7.

Pumps pull 6,000 gallons of water a minute out of reservoirs 3,000 feet below the surface. The water, naturally heated by geologic forces to approximately 300 degrees Fahrenheit (150 C), boils a chemical refrigerant contained in sealed loops. The refrigerant, now a gas, cranks a turbine.

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