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BMW electric mini

Not available commercially yet. Hopefully soon! They are testing 450 of them in the States and found, among others things, that extreme cold or heat lessen the range on the battery. What they’ve learned will be used in future iterations…

Electric vehicles are not clean

The dirty little secret of plug-in vehicles is that they’ll all charge their batteries with inherently dirty night-time power and be responsible for more CO2 emissions than a fuel efficient Prius-class HEV that costs a third less and doesn’t have…

Electric scooter morphs into unicycle

The Uno electric scooter is a unique beast: an electric scooter that looks like a mini-motorcycle and folds up into a Segway-like scooter balanced on two wheels. And you can switch modes while driving it. Whee!

Wheego. EV or runaway roller skate???

The [Wheego] LiFe two-seater has a price tag of $32,995 (only $25,495 after the $7,500 tax credit) has a range of 100 miles per charge, is made of 75% U.S. content and is assembled in Ontario, California.

Nissan Leaf

I just contracted to buy all the gasoline I want at 24 cents a gallon. No, I have not struck oil in my backyard, or come into an inheritance from a long lost Kuwaiti relative. That is the de facto…