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Electric motorcycle – police version

zero electric motorcycle police vrsion
The Zero electric motorcycle now has a police version which, because it is ultra quiet, is good for riding in parks in populated areas without disturbing those in nearby homes and is also good for sneaking up on people

Range is 125 miles in the city and 75 on the highway which is tolerable for what essentially is a fleet vehicle. Plus it has a fast charger. But still, that is a rather limited range. Electric vehicles, in my view, will probably end up thriving in a mostly niche mode as city transportation cars and delivery vehicles.

Killajoule electric motorcycle breaks 200 mph at Bonneville


[Eva H√•kansson’s] custom built Killajoule 3-wheeled electric motorcycle took to an official top speed of 191.4 mph, and briefly broke 200 mph, solidifying her place in the record books.

Killajoule is powered by a 250 horsepower electric motor and 214 pounds of cordless drill batteries. Her 3-wheeled beast hit 216 mph during the run, only 3 mph less than the fastest conventional 3-wheeled motorcycles.