Disney is Evil Movie Review by Sue

A new twist on Disney and their recurring theme of dead mothers and traumatized babies — this time its dead babies and traumatized mothers.

Bob and I saw (part of) the new Disney movie, “Earth”, tonight.

Typical Disney set-up of moms and babies in danger, you just know somebody’s gonna get killed because the music tells you so.

We walked out just as the baby elephant was being chewed up by a pack of lions. Lion hanging off the baby’s anus. Baby elephant screaming. Horrified young children cringing in the audience. (It wasn’t the first miserable death on screen, either.)

Yes, I know, nature is savage and wild, blah blah. But it also doesn’t have a deep-voiced male voice-over and emotional manipulation. And the wilderness isn’t touted as child-friendly entertainment.

When it comes around your way, save your money and your children’s sanity and rent Winged Migration.

F***ing Disney.

Inside Obama’s bank CEOs meeting


The bankers struggled to make themselves clear to the president of the United States.

But President Barack Obama wasn’t in a mood to hear them out. He stopped the conversation and offered a blunt reminder of the public’s reaction to such explanations. “Be careful how you make those statements, gentlemen. The public isn’t buying that.”

“My administration,” the president added, “is the only thing between you and the pitchforks.”

Obama went on to make it clear the banks will change. Which explains why the bankers were so ashen-faced and grim after leaving the meeting when, instead of the normal group hug portrait, they were dumped on the White House lawn and faced a gauntlet of mostly hostile press instead.

Doubtless no one has ever spoken to them that way before.

Source440. Where musicians share their skills by video


Our friend Catherine Goldwyn who runs SoundArtLA.org, a nonprofit providing contemporary music training and education to children in underserved areas in Los Angeles, is a co-partner in the just-launched Source440, a website where musicians can share their skills by uploading video lessons.

Source440 is “about sharing information and making musical knowledge free for anyone who wants it.” Musicians can do this by creating their own video lessons and uploading them, watching videos by other musicians, and networking with each other. Lessons can be broken down into chapters, and you can track your progress as you learn.

This is an innovative concept and could easily provide a major service to musicians, especially once it gets a critical mass of videos and users. Tell musicians you know about Source440.

Google Voice

google voice

Google Voice is about to launch, it is “one phone number for all your phones, for life.” Give one phone number out, and then route the calls to wherever you want.

It has texting, voicemail transcription, ability to route specific numbers to certain phones or voicemail, conference calls, cheap international rates – and it’s free.

But for this to be successful, it must have 100% uptime, something Gmail has not had lately. Plus it needs real tech support, as in actual people you can call and get answers from if something goes wrong. Right now, Google has no live tech support for any product that I know of. something they badly need.

Would I print new business cards with my Google Voice number as my only number? Maybe, but only after the service has been running flawlessly for a year or so.

However until then, it could make a useful number when you don’t want to give out your actual number, like for doctors, lawyers, whoever.