It was a non-violent revolution and I trust it will put to an end all that silly talk about how Arabs aren’t ready for democracy. It also may be an end to the US being a major player in the Middle East. Yes, events were tumultuous and fast moving, but the White House waffled all over the place, first supporting the odious torturer Suleiman in a transition role then later backing the protesters. The real truth may be no one there much cares what the US thinks, except Israel of course.

Tyrants everywhere are clearly getting nervous, already making concessions. We’ll be feeling the repercussions of the Egypt revolution for years to come.

And hey, I think we need one here too.

Polizeros Radio. Egypt, tax shelters, and a liberal Tea Party

It was a fun, wide-ranging show last night, discussing the short-sighted US policies towards Egypt. then the short-sighted greed of corporations using tax shelters, and onwards to liberal tea parties.

Among the topics

The US, regardless of the outcome in Egypt, has hugely lost influence and power. Who will trust us now that we’ve waffled all over the place? China is making noises about backing Mubarek and the Saudi king had testy words for Obama. Yet the courage of the protesters in Egypt is what is driving it all. Does the US support democracy or does it support ‘stability’ by backing thugs? It can’t have it both ways.

How about we all protest against corporations that use sleazy tax shelters. Have flash mobs at Fedex combined with boycotts, with people using USPS instead. Hit ’em where it hurts. This goes double for Google and Apple, high visibility targets with a major investment in their brand. Yet Google routinely passes money through Irish corporations with the sole purpose of avoiding taxes. Flash mobs and protests against high-tech companies like these would get huge publicity if done right and might even make them change their evil tax-shelter ways.

And yes, there is a liberal Tea Party now – in Britain. It’s called UK Uncut. It started small at a grassroots level and has snowballed in size. We can do the same here.

With Josh Mull of Firedoglake & Rethink Afghanistan, Steve Hynd of Newshoggers, and myself.

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Head Torturer to replace the Corrupt One in Egypt?

I can’t imagine why protesters would be unhappy with that, can you? Except if they don’t want electrodes attached to their genitals, that is.

Egyptian workers join the revolution. This is huge. It means the revolution, and that’s what it is now, is spreading everywhere.

Egypt protests reveal hypocrisy of D.C. duopoly

The response of the US political establishment to the popular uprising in Egypt reveals the hypocrisy of a long-standing bipartisan foreign policy consensus. Unlike Democrats and Republicans, Greens and Libertarians are united in their support for the people of Egypt in their fight to topple its oppressive regime.

Is the US really this crazy?

US warships heading to Egypt

Senior US Marine says “multiple platoons” are headed to Egypt

Egyptian protesters fear retribution from Suleiman

Since the US has essentially abandoned the protesters, vicious retaliation against them by the Head Torturer seems inevitable. And the US is compounding their errors by sending in the Marines? If the US intervenes on the behalf on the corrupt government of Egypt, the blowback in the Middle East will be catastrophic.

PS 7 other thuggish dictators backed by the US. And they forgot Burma / Myanmar.