Why the Democrats lost, for complete idiots

From Ian Welsh in Canada

The Democrats gained control of both Congress and the Presidency. They then pursued ineffective policies which didn’t fix the economy. They increased deportations of Hispanics. They restricted abortion rights for women. They spat on gays repeatedly. They betrayed unions. They gutted civil rights, going even further than George W. Bush (who never said he had the right to assassinate Americans.) They saved bankers who then rewarded themselves with record bonuses and salaries while average American wages actually declined.

The base was demoralized, not because the Dems went too far left, but because they went too far right. The non-Democratic voters were angered because they elected Democrats to fix the goddamn economy and to not be George Bush, who they were sick of. Dems didn’t do what they were elected to do.

That’s why Dems are losing – because they demoralized their own base in a base election year, because they didn’t fix the economy, and because they thought Americans wanted them to be George Bush, just a bit smarter.

This isn’t a repudiation of liberalism or progressivism or socialism (Americans wouldn’t recognize a socialist if he gave them real universal healthcare) it is a repudiation of a Democratic party which failed to fix the economy and which became identified with bailouts for the rich.

Anyone who doesn’t understand this, is, forgive me, a complete idiot.

The party that used to represent the working class, the middle class, unions, the poor, and minorities is now, quite rightfully being seen as the party that protects and enriches the ultra wealthy, the banksters, to the detriment of the rest of us. And the Republicans are seen as the champion of the little guy. What the Democrats have done over the past several decades by abandoning their traditional constituency has been mind-numbingly stupid and self-destructive.

This has disastrously culminated in a president, Obama, who was backed early and heavily by the investment banks.

Jerome Armstrong bails from Democratic Party

One of the first political bloggers, a hyper-partisan Democrat who coined the phrase netroots, has bailed from the party.

Jerome Armstrong is now calling for “real revolution.”

I’ve ended my hyper-partisan allegiance to the Democratic Party. In moving beyond the past decade’s partisan affair with Democrats, I am ready for a real revolution to happen in this country.

It has got to happen over the next two years, and its going to take progressives, libertarians, tea partiers, coffee partiers, conservatives… everyone that is not part of the problem (the financial/political/military elite). Get radical, first by moving beyond attachment to a single party or a political identity. Radicalize them both, go independent; whatever, and if that’s not you too, then get out of the way.

May more more from both parties join him. The only way we will have real change in this country is by independent action by citizens across the political spectrum. Forget the Republicans and the Democrats. They are corrupt, complicit, and clueless. Real change can not come from working within them.

He post the following video to explain his change. It’s familiar territory for Polizeros readers – the banksters and their increasing grasp on a way too complicit and willing government.

The near takeover of the government by financial interests has been aided and abetted by both parties. Certainly Reagan and the Bushes played huge roles in destroying regulation, but Clinton happily presided over the destruction of Glass-Steagall and Obama road to power was greased by the investment banks. Charles Gasparino’s new book “Bought and Paid For” amply documents this.

Far right violence and the lack of response from politicians

The lack of condemnation from politicians about far right violence speaks volumes as to their cowardice and duplicity, especially the silence from Democratic politicians. They could use this to their own political advantage if they wanted to. But that would require taking a stand regardless of consequences. So instead, they remain mute. This is beyond contemptible.

Look, I can understand why Republican politicians would be quiet here (either out of embarrassment, not knowing what to say, or secret agreement) but Democrats? They could use this as a weapon against the far right. Hey, I’ve got an idea. Instead of sending campaign contributions to Democrats, let’s all chip in and send them Depend adult diapers. Then the next time they piddle in their pants in fear, it won’t wreck their clothing.

“It’s been quite amazing over the last couple months, but really over the last two years,” said Mark Potok of the Southern Poverty Law Center, which monitors hate groups and extremism. “I’d date this, in many ways, to the rise to power of Obama. Many people we saw coming with AR-15s to town halls and so on, and all of that. But I do think that it’s gotten even hotter out there. I think the reaction to the stomping of that woman’s head has been quite amazing. The idea that the guy could say that he needed an apology and that he’s not being condemned by the political class from sea to shining sea is astounding.” …

Has Obama given up on the mid-terms, asks MyDD

MyDD sums up a NY Times article on Obama and the upcoming midterm elections.

1. The President is resigned to the fact that the Republicans will gain control of Congress.
2. He does not find any mistakes with his legislative method.
3. The problems the Democrats face this season are according to him due to miscommunication (whose?).
4. He actually thought he would be able to heal the ideological divide.
5. He still thinks he can get bipartisan support once the Republicans gain congress.
6. The President is strangely detached and frankly seems uncomfortable and even reluctant to govern

For Obama to think he’ll get bipartisan support after the Republicans make major gains in Congress is delusion. No other word applies.

Yet even after all that, MyDD stills thinks the best strategy is to donate to progessive PACs in the forlorn hope that Obama will eventually come around. It’s that pixie dust solution again, sprinkle enough of it and Obama will magically morph into FDR or LBJ, both of whom despite their many faults were genuine liberals and eminently capable of throwing a punch. This is something the Democratic poodles in Congress and the White House might ponder. If you have convictions and fight for them, people will respect you. And you might actually accomplish something.

Spare the rod, spoil the Democrats

The Republican Ogres are coming! This election is of colossal importance and is Very Important (see the diagram) and you must send buckets of money to Democrats then vote for them even though they’ve continually back-stabbed you. Remember, the Republican ogres are coming, so be scared, be very scared.

Newshoggers says hooey to all that cynical fear-mongering and hopes the Democrats get a good clobbering. Maybe it’ll knock some sense into their heads.

In 2010 the Dems need to take a cold shower. We finally need to break the vicious circle shown above and ignore guilt-trips about the most important election EVAH designed to get us to vote Dem even though they don’t deliver. We’ll get two years of worse pain than we might otherwise have but the end result will be Dems who are far, far more likely to listen to progressives in 2012 and beyond…and if we’re really lucky/work hard, an actual working-class political movement than can send working-class representatives to D.C. instead of fat cats with millions in their banks.

The Blue Voice wonders if progressives have the clout or the will to break from the Democratic Party.

Among even the Democrats most critical of the Obama Administration’s shortcomings on health care reform, financial regulation and the Afghanistan War – criticisms which I share – I don’t know of anyone pushing for an election boycott or third party protest voting. No labor unions that I’ve heard of. None of the major progressive bloggers, like Digby or the folks at Daily Kos or even those at Firedoglake, whose Jane Hamsher is often mentioned as one of Obama’s harshest critics on “the left.”

In my view, the left begins where the Democratic Party ends and continues leftwards from there. Rarely do the big liberal or progressive blogs ever speak about structural reform or that the Democratic party is as corrupt as the Republican Party. Instead there’s too much squeaking about what the Ogres are doing.

The Blue Voice also wonders if progressives not voting would lead to perilous or better times. Well, you never know until you try. And with the status quo quickly becoming untenable, new strategies and tactics are needed now. Unless you want to vote Democratic and have them bitch-slap you again for two more years, that is.