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New DHS conspiracies needed to wet panties over

Black Helicopters

Steve Hynd shreds the ‘Omigod the Keynan socialist is arming DHS to take our guns away and put us in concentration camps’ meme that way too many are wetting their undies over.

The 1.6 rounds of ammo purchase by DHS is the maximum amount they can order over five years and their budget for 2013 is for 100 million rounds, which less than they use yearly in training and operations.

Even neocon conservative Charles Krauthammer told his Fox News friends, “I hate to disappoint the conspiracy theorists, they’re gonna have to come up with something new and they will.”

Those 2,700 tanks DHS is buying supposedly so the UN can use them to come crashing down our doors and confiscate our guns is also, to put it politely, an urban myth. DHS has a whopping 16 such vehicles and the vehicles, which aren’t tanks, are part of a navy contract.

These stories are untrue and ginned up by rightwing bloggers who make traffic from demonizing the islamo-socio-fascist Satan in the White House, but that they’re being believed by otherwise sane people points to a zeitgeist that itself should be worrying.

The same type of stories circulated in the late 1960’s. Nixon was preparing concentration camps for unwashed anti-war hippie troublemakers, of which I was proudly a member. The stories were bullshit then and they’re bullshit now.

Detroit, An American Autopsy. Is America circling the drain?


Shloky thought America still had time to turn things around until he read Detroit, An American Autopsy by Charlie Leduff. Now he’s not sure.

What if the land of the free, of prosperity, of two cars and a picket fence succumbed to the corrupt, the incompetent, the immoral?

It presents the viewpoint that we’re not careening into failure. We’re already there. Ours is a state soon to be hollowed out by failed cities. America was murdered. What we live in is fundamentally different from what we had. We’re in the middle of launching what is new. Its time to approach it that way.

Cannonfire echoes the sentiment in a different way, focusing on the plethora of deranged conspiracy theories going around, which includes Newton Truthers and even, God help us, Aurora Truthers.

America is going insane

Folks, this shit has gotten out of hand. This country cannot survive if an increasing number of citizens go bonkers.

He cites a particularly nutty theory linking MK-Ultra to Martin Luther King as a commie plot to despoil our country. When cities like Detroit die (or are murdered), when we long longer have leaders but grasping greedy thugs and mediocrities running the country then the center may not hold.

Just a tiny part of The Conspiracy

Click through to view in all its ginormous glory at Zero Hedge

In a related story, The New York Times sniffs disdainfully at conspiracy theories (like, what else would you expect them to do?) even as they link to Alex Jones’ list of 33 conspiracy theories that turned out to be true, an article which certainly undermines their thesis that all this conspiracy business is a bunch of tomfoolery and not a sign of a Serious Establishment Person.

Me, I think history is filled with conspiracies. Remember – no matter how paranoid you are, the bastards are always doing more than you think they are.

The lunatics are taking over the asylum at KPFA

From Doug Henwood. His excellent show, Behind The News, on Pacifica affiliate WBAI is probably in peril too.

No doubt many of you are sick of the whole Pacifica mess, but this is really important: if these layoffs go down, it’s gonna be 9/11 and chemtrails. From the excellent historian of Pacifica, Matthew Lasar: How the KPFA Morning Show almost killed me (and why I want it to live) | Radio Survivor.

Pacifica to cut 25% of KPFA unionized staff, and irony of ironies, there will be picket lines outside KPFA.

This isn’t about budget cuts that must happen, it’s about a lunatic fringe at Pacifica that is bound and determined to kill the few good shows KPKA has left and replace them with what Lasar calls “their soap box routines on, a program that I generically call the 911Truth-Vitamins-Cure-AIDS-Zionists-Control-the-World-Who-Really-Built-The-Pyramids Show.”

Look, there can be genuine disagreement as well as reasoned discussion about 9/11, and parts of the official story certainly make no sense to me. But Pacifica, rather than focusing on politics, the economy, and organizing (as a good leftie radio network should, especially now) has instead gone into Looney Tunes land, embracing the most extreme of conspiracy theories along with seriously deranged junk science. At a time when a left alternative on the radio is sorely needed, they’ve abandoned their mission, and the ongoing destruction seems almost purposeful.

Their five stations are in major metro areas and would probably sell for several hundred million. Who would get the money if Pacifica went bankrupt and sold the stations? Just wondering. And while one should never underestimate the ability of the far left to shoot itself in the foot, the collapse of Pacifica at a time when it should be surging seems highly suspect to me.

Listen up. All those conspiracy theories are just a bunch of hooey

Our government tells us so at

Conspiracy theories exist in the realm of myth, where imaginations run wild, fears trump facts, and evidence is ignored. As a superpower, the United States is often cast as a villain in these dramas.

Among the foolish misconceptions they wish to dispel is that depleted uranium is harmful (they do this by saying the uranium has been mostly depleted, huh?), that economic hit men could ever actually do damage (“Two words: Goldman Sachs.” replies shtfplan), and would everyone please knock off the crazy talk about 9/11, the JFK assassination, Obama’s birth certificate, and look, the Cuban Five are guilty, guilty, guilty.

Their rebuttals are done in a few short paragraphs in a slightly condescending manner, as if that will settle everything now that the adults have spoken.

All in all, an odd bit of attempted counter-propaganda.