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How Columbus OH bounced back and is thriving


Columbus OH was recently nominated as a finalist in the Most Intelligent Cities contest. Things were dire for a while for them. The politicians, business, and citizens joined together. Taxes were raised slightly. They used the money for business expansion, bike paths, rebuilding roads, and more. It worked. They’ve never had to layoff police or firefighters. Crime is dropping, employment is rising, and they’ve rebuilt their empty rainy day fund from zero back to $50 million. they have a highly educated work force who are  staying in Columbus

[City Council President Ginther] pointed to expansion projects under way at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and the Ohio State University Medical Center, along with growth in the technological and logistics fields as well as a burgeoning food and restaurant scene. Ginther said anyone telling him five years ago that the city code would need to be updated to deal with food trucks would not have been believed.

Well done, Columbus OH! it’s amazing what people can do when they joined together and all move in the same direction, isn’t it?

The city even has its own iPhone and Droid app!

Columbus Ohio finalist in Top Seven Intelligent Cities


Columbus Ohio is one of seven finalists in the 2013 Intelligent Community of the Year, as chosen by the Intelligent Community Forum. Whoa, isn’t Columbus a bombed out, rust belt disaster? Apparently not. A lot of smart people, organizations, and companies have joined together to make Columbus a thriving, nice place to live, and in the process are showing other cities how to do it too.

The perception of Columbus, Ohio, and the new reality are very different. “The perception is Ohio is in the industrial rust belt, largely irrelevant, not really doing much, living on old foundry fumes. That’s not at all the case,” he said. “It is a very hip city, and their incubator, TechColumbus, is literally putting out all kinds of new businesses.” In addition, said Zacharilla, the city has effectively reversed “brain drain,” so highly trained and intelligent people stay in the area versus move elsewhere.