Clinton to drop out, say associates

NY Times reports unnamed Clinton associates say she’s resigned to losing and will drop out and endorse Obama next week. Which is no big surprise. All the current storm and fury signifies nothing except that she expects (and probably should get) a plum post in the Obama Administration or maybe be VP.

The Telegraph UK is reporting Clinton will be offered a “dignified exit“, a place in Obama’s cabinet as Health secretary or a major role in steering health care legislation through Congress, but that she will not be offering the VP post.

In a few weeks, the current supposed irreparable split will be forgotten, the Democratic Party unified, and Obama will continue to be ahead in the polls for the general election.

Clinton cites R.F.K. assassination as reason to continue, then apologizes

Senator Hillary Clinton apologized for referring to the assassination of Robert Kennedy in 1968 as a reason she should continue her battle with Senator Barack Obama for the Democratic nomination.

Representative James E. Clyburn of South Carolina, reacting to Mrs. Clinton’s comment through a spokeswoman, said only, “This is beyond the pale.”

She’s passed into the realm of the demented, hasn’t she? The elder gray beards of the party need to take her aside, as one might a mentally ill child, gently but firmly explaining that the game is over and she’s lost. And that she needs concede before she does herself and her husband irreparable damage.

Race-baiting is not a winning strategy

Call DNC Chair Howard Dean and Tell Him to Stop the Clinton Campaign’s race-baiting

In the last few days, a desperate Clinton campaign has turned to race-baiting as its primary strategy. Tell DNC Chair Howard Dean to insist that if she plans to continue her campaign, Sen. Clinton must end her strategy of racial division.

Color of Change has more information and a suggested calling script.

Superdelegates must follow the will of voters

Demand that the Democratic Party defend democracy

Leaders of the Democratic Party are playing a dangerous game — risking the credibility of the party to hand Hillary Clinton the nomination against the will of voters. Heading down this path means disenfranchising millions of voters and legitimizing a campaign strategy that has displayed a clear pattern of race baiting and divisive politics.