Cheshire home invasion killer says please kill me

Steven Hayes was sentenced to death today for his role in a horrific home invasion in Chesire CT in 2007 which stunned even hardened homicide and sex crime detectives with its appalling savagery.

His sentence was mandatory, so he wasn’t trying to get off with a lesser sentence when he said:

“I destroyed innocent lives and took away a family, a family of very good people… Death for me will be a welcome relief and I hope it will bring some peace and comfort to those who I have hurt so much.”

I believe him.

Hayes gets death penalty for horrific home invasion murders

Regardless of your opinions on the death penalty, some people should never be let out of prison. Steven Hayes and his accomplice Joshua Komisarjevsky, who will be sentenced soon, are among them. The inevitable and mandatory appeals process means they will spend many more years in prison before being executed. Due to nature of their crimes they are at the bottom of the prison pecking prder and will be subject to no doubt severe abuse by other inmates. And because of what they did, I don’t care.

Horrific home invasion trial goes to jury

Alleged human Steven Hayes could get the death penalty in a Cheshire CT home invasion where he and his human detritus accomplice Joshua Komisarjevsky murdered a mother and two daughters and savagely beat the husband. Hayes raped the mother then killed her. Komisarjevsky raped the eleven year old daughter. They then doused the daughters in gasoline and set them and the house on fire in an attempt to destroy evidence only to find the police waiting outside.

The father survived the beating and has been steadfast in demanding the death penalty. Hayes and Komisarjevsky tested negative for drugs and alcohol which means they did it clean and sober, which is even more horrific if anything could be.

I doubt even Lucifer wants these two.

So, is the death penalty a worse punishment than letting them die in prison decades from now? Their guilt has been established, the only question is whether they get the death penalty or spend the rest of their lives in prison with no possibility of parole.

We lived in Connecticut when this happened. the impact was huge. A police officer wrote to the Hartford Courant saying

I have been a police officer for 25 years, and I’ve seen plenty of monsters while working on homicide, sexual assault and pedophile cases. It’s probably what led me to go back to school for a master’s in theology. I needed the spiritual world because my daily contact with crime had weakened my trust in human beings.

Dr. Scott Peck, the renowned psychiatrist who wrote “People of the Lie,” came to the conclusion after years of working with people in therapy that some human beings are born evil and stay that way. Joshua Komisarjevsky and Steven Hayes are two such people.

I too asked where was God when those two monsters beat Dr. William Petit unconscious, strangled his wife, poured gasoline around a terrified 11-year-old little girl and her 17-year-old sister and then lit a match.

I tell my son that monsters don’t exist. When he gets older, he will find out that they do indeed walk this earth.

Lily Burk and the Cheshire home invasion

Lily Burk (Newsweek photo)
Lily Burk (Newsweek photo)

Dennis Claxton on the murder of 17 yo Lily Burk in L.A. (via the LBO-Talk listserv) She was beaten to death by an assailant after her ATM card wouldn’t give him money.

This murder has been haunting me very directly. The abduction took place in the neighborhood I live in and Lily Burk’s body was left in her car two blocks from my office. I’ve been over there several times now. People have left flowers, candles, notes, and stuffed animals in front of the bay. I think I’ll leave something tomorrow.

I know what he means mean. Sue and I lived in CT briefly, in 2007 when the Cheshire home invasion happened. It stunned everyone. Beyond stunned really. Let me put it this way. Prior to that I lived in LA for 30 years and this was the most sickening home invasion I’ve ever heard of.

The only survivor, the father, was beaten to a pulp with a baseball bat. He wants the death penalty not life in prison, for the alleged humans who stole $15,000 from them, murdered his wife by cutting her throat, raped their 11 and 17 yo daughters repeatedly then doused them with gasoline and burned them alive. They did it clean and sober too, no alcohol or drugs were found in them. The cops caught them fleeing the house.

And it still haunts me.

Author James Ellroy on Lily Burk (no stranger to this, his mother was murdered)

The dead claim the living and tell us how to live. It is imperative that we listen and adhere to their sanction. We are required to work toward probity and comport ourselves as though our lost ones are there with us. This call to virtue proves efficacious over time. We send messages to a spirit and get no material answer. There is only the assumption that she is there and we are here and we must not falter at our task. There is no human terror that the persistent application of love and devotional consciousness cannot transcend. Lily Burk will not return to earth as a 17-year-old girl. Her task is to impart courage in her invisibility. Lily Burk offers us a survival manual, written in her own blood. We are urgently charged to honor her and seek goodness at all costs.