Pasteurella. Cat and dog bites can be serious

Credit: Deviantart user Mattlex
Credit: Deviantart user Mattlex

I’d like to give a shout-out to the sweet little kitty who morphed into Infected Fangs of Death when I tried to pick her up recently. I have several exciting new puncture marks in my right hand and a probable case of Pasteurella.

Cats and dogs carry Pasteurella bacteria in their mouths. If you are bitten you should immediately clean the wound with alcohol, put antibiotic cream on it, then monitor it. Chances are it will get red and swollen. If so, go to a doctor. Pasteuralla is easily treatable with antibiotics. However, if you were bitten on the hand and wait too long before seeing a doctor, it will start creeping up your arm. That’s when it gets serious.

Cat scratch disease can be transmitted by bites or claws and can lead to swelling, headaches, and fatigue. The adorable Miss Infected Fangs also clawed me. Not to worry, the antibiotics the MD gave me are working. The important thing is to clean the wound immediately then see a doctor if there is swelling or infection.

Lucky, the cat that would not die

Credit: Wasco Animal Shelter
Back from the dead twice. Credit: Wasco Animal Shelter

We just transported 4 cats from the Wasco CA Animal Shelter to Maine Coon Adoption in Oakland. One of the cats is rightfully named Lucky.

He was found by Wasco Animal Control, presumed dead, and put in the freezer. The next morning they heard scratching. He was alive, but in such bad shape they decided to put him down. Instead, the shot revived him.

Here’s what probably happened. The shelter used potassium chloride to put Lucky down. He was probably severely dehydrated with low potassium – so that’s why the shot brought him back.

He is almost certain to be adopted quickly. We’ve seen lots of municipal shelters. The Wasco Shelter is tiny, has limited funds, and does a great job with what they have. Maine Coon Adoptions is currently adopting out 8-12 cats a week and is no-kill. It’s almost kitten season. Maybe you need one.

Automatic cat feeder allows us to sleep peacefully

automatic cat feeder

No one told our cats we went off daylight savings. They would squeak at us very early in the morning for food. Squirting them with a squirt bottle didn’t help because a) you have to be awake to do that and b) they hide in areas where we couldn’t squirt them, like under the bed. Then we got this automatic cat feeder. Problem solved. No more squeaking.

The feeder has two trays and an ice pack. Put the ice pack in the freezer and a can of unopened wet food in the refrigerator. At night, I put in the ice pack and chilled wet food in the feeder and set the timer for 4:30 AM. They are now happy kitties and we don’t get woken up early.

Cat adoption this weekend, SF Bay Area

You can still adopt cats this weekend in the SF Bay Area through Maine Coon Adoptions, including these two cuties, who will probably get adopted fast.

We’ve been fostering these adorable sister kittens, Madeleine and Michaela. They were part of a colony found at the Wasco CA prison, taken to a shelter, and then shuttled to Maine Coon Adoptions. They are at the run-around, play pounce-and-bounce stage and are affectionate and fun.




Cats and their protocols – The Bandit Blankie


Bandit, like many cats, has certain protocols which must be followed before she, for example, will sit on Sue’s stomach when Sue in lying down in bed. We have a certain small blanket, called the Bandit Blankie, which must be on Sue’s stomach first before Bandit will get on. If Sue forgets to put the blankie on first, Bandit will get agitated and pace back and forth until it is put in its proper place.

Further, if I pick up Bandit and put her on Sue’s stomach, she will get off, walk around a bit, then get back on. The decision needs to be hers.