Just another stomach-turning coverup by the Catholic Church

Hundreds of children were raped and abused in Philadelphia and the monsignor in charge of investigating it instead shuffled priests around putting more children at risk. And of course they continue to stonewall.

It occurs to me that the only accusations and convictions so far have been against priests, with none against bishops, archbishops, or cardinals. It seems hardly credible that higher-up clergy were not abusing children too. So that’s probably what the cover-up is really about, it’s to protect them.

Yes, I think sexual abuse in the Catholic Church is institutionalized, has been so for many decades, and is practiced at the highest levels. That’s why the stonewalling is so fierce.

Sexual abuse by priests. How long has this been going on?

Sister Mary MacKillop of Australia was canonized by the Vatican. She exposed sexual abuse by priests of minors and in retaliation, the male hierarchy excommunicated her in 1871 and tried to shut down the order she founded. The excommunication was lifted after five months.

While I suppose it’s good the Catholic Church has recognized her, it does show that sexual abuse by priests and cover-ups by the hierarchy go back at least 140 years. The corruption and moral rot in the Catholic Church is pervasive, deep-seated, and has been going on for a very long time indeed.

Church sex scandal takes toll on victims’ lawyers

Lawyers who worked for victims of Catholic priest sexual abuse often end up divorced or have breakdowns or leave religion completely.

“No one can handle these cases and come out of it the same. What happens to kids when they’re abused and what happens to their brains when they are abused is something that we don’t know how to fix,” said one lawyer.

Another lawyer, who had been sexually abused as a child by a family friend, won a landmark settlement. But the toll on him was horrific.

He was rattled by the image of a 9-year-old boy who was repeatedly sodomized over nine hours by a priest. The boy buried his bloody underwear so his mother wouldn’t find out.

“The idea of him going off into the woods and burying his underwear, that really got to me,” MacLeish said.

This rape by priests has been so widespread and in so many countries that it clearly is institutionalized and part of their culture. That’s the really sickening part. It’s been going on for decades, as has the corruption in the Vatican Bank. Something in the Catholic Church is rotten at the core.