Mount Kellett’s war on workers

One characteristic of the so-called 1% that are the new economic royalists of the world is that they can afford to kick in serious amounts of money to politicians who they believe will support their economic interests and social agendas. Mark Edward McGoldrick of Mount Kellett Capital Management is one of this new class of nobility who can afford to do just that.

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Obama hearts the banksters, reaches out to them

The investment banks backed Obama very early in the 2008 campaign and with big money. He has repaid their investment mightily, shoveling them hundreds of billions. But he did institute a few tepid reforms to mollify the peasants with pitchforks, and that made the banksters throw hissy fits.

So now Obama wants to woo them back, “reaching out” to them (or should that be called groveling) for support and more of those scarcely disguised bribes known as campaign contributions.

And what other constituencies has Obama been reaching out to? None that I know of.

Nothing has changed since 2008 when Charles Gasparino covered the Obama campaign. Obama is still Bought and Paid For.

You can’t shop your way to a better world

CREDO Mobile, who markets themselves through progressive outlets, has no network of their own and uses Sprint.

CREDO claims that it doesn’t fund anti-environment politicians, or those who oppose a woman’s right to choose, or those who are pro-war. That may be true in a legalistic sense, but Sprint does. And if you’re using CREDO, you’re using Sprint.

Being a better, smarter, more environmentally aware consumer will not change the system because the problems are systemic and need systemic solutions. This is akin to saying that recycling at home is somehow making a political statement. It’s a good idea but let’s no fool ourselves, because it has no impact against the system at large.

One of our biggest problems is campaign contributions, which are little more than scarcely disguised bribes. Thus, a company saying that it will only donate to progressives is hardly a solution, especially since they are simply reselling services provided by a non-progressive company. The problem is not which politicians to give campaign contributions to, but rather a corrupt system that allows such contributions in the first place.

Dark money: Super PACs fueled by $97.5 million that can’t be traced to donors

The money is coming from labor unions too, it’s not just on the Republican side.

In certainly related news, SocGen’s Albert Edwards: The U.S. public is about to revolt

“This would happen in any nation where a vision of prosperity has been shown to be a Ponzi sham, engineered by the authorities to help disguise the fact that the rich have been getting a whole lot richer.”

To keep banging on what I’ve been emphasizing for a few weeks, too many liberals and progressives seem oblivious to the rising anger in this country, or they denigrate it as they try yet again to get the Democratic establishment and Obama to do the right thing. I think they’re about to get blindsided.