Bolivia at the abyss: A special report

(I’m taking the liberty of reprinting this lengthy report from the excellent Democracy Center in Bolivia reporting on the very real possibility of civil war there foisted by the right against the leftist government. Their servers are not responding now, probably because of so many hits (or a DOS attack), hence this reprint to get the word out. Links in the article are not included because they point back to their website)

The Democracy Center On-Line
Volume 82 – September 15, 2008

Dear Readers:

As you may know from news headlines, Bolivia is in the midst of a violent political crisis that has more than two dozen people dead in the last five days. This issue of our newsletter offers a summary of the crisis and what led to it. It also includes embedded links to more in-depth information that we have published previously. Please consider forwarding this to others you know are interested. To the people who have sent email asking if my family and I are safe — we are and will continue to be. Thank you for your concern.

One last note, we had hoped to dedicate this month’s newsletter to the upcoming U.S. tour for our new book on Bolivia, “Dignity and Defiance,” as well as the launch of our new “Voices from Latin America” project aimed at U.S. policy in Latin America. We’ll be back with those shortly.

Jim Shultz
The Democracy Center

Bolivia at the Abyss: A Special Report

At least twenty-five people are dead as the result of political violence. It is unclear if the nation will be able to steer clear of open civil war. The Bolivian and U.S. governments have taken turns kicking one another’s ambassadors out of the country. The Presidents of virtually every nation in South America are convening in an emergency summit in Chile on Monday morning, with one of them calling this moment the biggest threat to a democracy on the continent since the bloody coup that installed Augusto Pinochet in power there in 1973.

This is the state of things in Bolivia and in Latin America as I write.
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