Bill Clinton on the Tea Party

“Big business has done well and people who caused the financial turmoil are already back in the saddle — they’re doing fine. And the government that gave them the TARP bailout — you’re doing fine; you’ve got a job, you can send your kid to college, you’ve got healthcare. The middle class squeeze is basically occurring to non-government private sector workers… They’ve been squeezed by both big business and government.”

“I’m sympathetic with these Tea Party folks. American public and private systems need to be modernized and changed so they’re more accountable to people and they help the middle class more. I 100% agree with that. They’re right.”

This is what net roots and the rest don’t get. The grievances are real. Mocking and ridiculing them has proven to be less than an ideal strategy for liberals and progressives. I’ve got friends here in Utah who regularly listen to Glenn Beck. And guess what, there’s plenty we still agree on. Imagine what could be accomplished if we all found that common ground.

Hard cop, soft cop from the Clintons


“They need to send him out of the country for a long, long time. I am angry at Bill Clinton and I think there are other Hillary people who are angry at Bill, who felt that she was running a very good, solid campaign — she wasn’t the exciting one, but she was the solid one — and then he came in and made it nasty, and single-handedly pushed away black voters.”

— A superdelegate supporting Sen. Hillary Clinton, quoted by the Baltimore Sun, adding the former president “has screwed this thing up for her big-time.”

Maybe. Or maybe that’s just part of the plan. She plays soft cop, he plays hard cop. She apologizes when he gets nasty, promises to rein him in, but doesn’t. Except the plan isn’t working, is it?

Does anyone actually believe Hillary couldn’t shut Bill up if she wanted to? The country deserves better than this.

Bill Clinton as Trent Lott 2.0

Blogging and podcasting pioneer Dave Winer nails it in the Huffington Post.

It was an interesting election until the Clintons started calling Obama the nice young African-American candidate. Yeah, I lived in the south long enough to understand what that means. When I went to Tulane I was often explained as soandso’s Jewish friend Dave. It meant that I could come over for dinner, but there would never be a marriage.

Read on.

Winer can be controversial in the tech world, sometimes brilliant, sometimes infuriating. He’s never been afraid to call them as he sees it, probably made serious enemies with this, probably doesn’t care, and this is one of the best pieces he’s ever written.