No Labels reeks of astroturf

No Labels is run by two major lobbyists with the backing of Mayor Bloomberg and other elites. I slammed them last week for their mushy ill-defined centrism.

The New York Times just slammed them too.

The notion that civility and nominal bipartisanship would accomplish any of the heavy lifting required to rebuild America is childish magical thinking, and, worse, a mindless distraction from the real work before the nation.

No Labels is a deliberate smoke screen from corporate backed interests in both parties. “Can’t we all just get along,” is the theme. But don’t be asking any pesky questions about corruption because No Labels sure doesn’t encourage that. Play no attention to the manipulation behind the curtain, they say, just stop all your silly political squabbling and all will be well.

I originally thought No Labels was clueless if well-meaning. But it now seems a deliberate, cynical attempt to head off the rising anger in this country with mushy sentiments that will accomplish precisely nothing. How convenient for the elites – who are the ones who started No Labels. They want you to think it’s grassroots. Nothing could be further from the truth. The only thing that is unclear is their actual agenda.

About that barrage of No Brown Bailout ads you’re seeing

Tired of seeing me, aren't you?

If you’re like me, you’ve been seeing those No Brown Bailout ads everywhere and constantly on the net. Someone must have deep pockets indeed to pay for them.

It’s Fedex. Their arch-rival UPS and the Teamsters are trying to get a bill passed that would make it easier for the Teamsters to unionize Fedex. The Teamsters are already at UPS. The motive of UPS here is solely to increase expenses at Fedex and thus give UPS an edge up. The Teamsters just want to expand their power base. So spare me talk about the rousing power of unions to help the working man. Because in this case, such sentiments are irrelevant.

Fedex has countered with the No Brown Bailout ad campaign. But it’s not really a bailout at all nor are the motives of UPS and the Teamsters anything but sleazy.

For those of us who use Google Adsense for revenue and watched it plummet because everyone was tired of the Brown bailout ads yet the ad was omnipresent, there is a simple solution. Put the url for the ad in Adsense Setup / Competitive Ad Filter and it won’t appear again.

I wish we could do the same for entrenched special interests that pretend to be grassroots.