Don’t moan about Trump. Fight.

So, within just two months, our new president has the lowest poll ratings ever for this point in an Administration. He and his cohorts are being investigated by Justice for colluding with Russians on the election. His immigration, budget, healthcare plans are in deep trouble in Congress. Ranking members of his own party say he just made shit up when he accused a former president of wiretapping him through a foreign intelligence agency. He makes enemies constantly, and is no doubt embroiled in slimy financial arrangements with foreign governments.

You would think those who oppose him would be going woo-hoo, let’s throw some gasoline on this fire. However, too many liberals and progressives continue moaning about how bad Trump is, pondering if the investigations will go anywhere and what happens if they don’t, and isn’t it all just so terribly tragic.

There is a very good chance Trump could be toppled from power early. Sen. Feinstein thinks Trump he will resign within a few months. The chances of this happening are greatly increased if everyone fights hard and does everything they can to topple Trump. This is not the time for moaning. This is the time to fight!

California precipitation Oct - Feb 2017

California may have its wettest water year on record

Water years in California go from Oct 1 – Sep 30. The drought has broken, and spectacularly so. It’s already been one of the wettest years ever. If rainfall in the remaining months is normal, it will be the wettest year on record. Amazingly, more storms are coming, and they will fall in northern California watersheds […]


FBI indicts Russian intelligence officers for Yahoo hack

The crucial point is FSB continued to use Belan rather than detaining him based on the Interpol Red Notice. Further, Belan used the stolen data to personally enrich himself, something FSB had to know. Thus FSB is essentially a criminal enterprise / national security agency, and it would not be outlandish to assume they were […]

Oroville Dam spillway damage

Damaged Oroville Dam spillway may need to be used soon

Water levels are rising so fast at Oroville Dam in California due to storm runoff and snow melt that the spillway, which was badly damaged by recent rains may need to be used again. Water levels are now just 5 feet from when the spillway will need to be used. If they release water slowly […]