Pelosi will withhold impeachment articles from Senate

Impeachment headlines

The House will not send impeachment articles to the Senate until a fair trial is assured. So far, McConnell has refused to honor his oath of office and the Constitution and says he’ll kill an impeachment trial immediately. This House ploy calls his bluff. And congressional Republicans are foaming at the mouth in anger over it. Good.

And thoughts and prayers to Lindsey Graham, who is banging his rattle on the high chair about mean Nancy Pelosi. One only wonders what kompromat Trump and Russia have on Graham. IMHO McConnell and Graham will be lucky not to go to prison after this over and Trump has fallen or been defeated.

Make no mistake. One side will win here and the other will be crushed. Everything up until now has been prelude. It’s going to get completely insane. A badly damaged Trump, whose dementia is increasing, is going to snarl and attack way more than before. Being impeached has seriously damaged his malignant narcissist self-image, and he’s wounded now.

Now is the time to fight even harder. Trump must be destroyed politically. Nothing even remotely progressive can happen until he is.

Moments after a historic vote to impeach President Trump, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the House could at least temporarily withhold the articles from the Senate — a decision, she suggested, that could depend on how the other chamber chooses to conduct its trial on Trump’s removal.

“We cannot name managers until we see what the process is on the Senate side,” she said, referring to the House “managers” who present the case for removal to the Senate. “So far we haven’t seen anything that looks fair to us. So hopefully it will be fair. And when we see what that is, we’ll send our managers.”

Labour election results. What happens next? A lesson for US?

Labour election train wreck

Socialist Resistance in the UK ponders the train wreck that is the Labour election results. First off, as an American, it’s nice to see class interests discussed. Here in the States we of course do not have social classes, as everyone who isn’t wealthy is a “temporarily embarrassed millionaire.” But I jest. Of course we have classes. Pretending otherwise is foolish. And a fine trick by the rich to confuse the rest of us. However, back to the main point. How did Labour manage to lose so badly and what comes next?

Corbyn campaigning reminded me of the disastrous Mike Dukakis campaign against GHW Bush in 1988. It’s fine to be moral and principled. But when you’re on your back on the ground and getting curbstomped, you need to fight back. Dukakis didn’t do that, and got obliterated. And I didn’t see much fire or counter-attacks from Corbyn. Politics can be bloodsport, and if you aren’t the hunter you may be the prey.

The Labour Party may be about to get ripped apart on whether Corbyn was too far left. Or not far enough left. Or a victim of right-wing character assassination. I will say if large parts of UK working class voted against their class interests then maybe a new definition of class is needed and to figure why they voted that way.

Is the Labour debacle a message for the US left and Democratic Party? Maybe, however Joe Biden, who is as centrist as can be, remains steadily ahead in the polls. He pulls more votes from swing voters and independents than any other Democratic candidate.

I like Warren and Sanders more than Biden. However this is a must-win election. Warren’s numbers recently went sharply down after she pushed hard for Medicare For All. Voters in the swing states were polled on this and they absolutely hate the idea. They want private insurance and Warren’s idea is a deal breaker for them. So, perhaps the best way to win in 2020 is for the Democrat to not be woke. After we win, then yeah, we can be plenty woke.

UK breakup coming?

In the end the ruling class acted in their own class interest despite their dislike of Brexit, the working class in the deindustrialised north ignored their class interest and bought into the Brexit and the “taking control” rhetoric.

The SNP now holds 48 seats and is stepping up its demand for independence in an explicit rejection of the wave of English chauvinism. In the north of Ireland the DUP is now outnumbered by pro-remain MPs, prompting the leader of the unionist Alliance Party to say “it is almost inevitable that there will be a push for an Irish unity referendum.”

Britain, however, will be out of the EU by the end of January.

Post mortem

What could have been done differently?

First of all the decision to hold the election before a referendum was a disaster, coming as it did before the struggle in Parliament for a second referendum had run its course. The initiative for it was made by the Lib Dems and the SNP who jumped ship and left Labour with little option.

Second, Labour should have adopted and campaigned for a second referendum at a much earlier stage and made the case for retaining the benefits of EU membership while setting out ideas for reforming the organisation.

Afghanistan. The graveyard of empires. We were lied to

Afghanistan war. Why should we be there?

Our government under Republican and Democratic administrations lied continually about how we were winning the Afghanistan war, when the reality was it was a disaster, and they knew it. The Washington Post just published Special Inspector General For Afghanistan documents they obtained after a three year FOIA court fight. The documents show everyone involved knew Afghanistan was indeed another graveyard of empire. Yet Administration and military lies about it never stopped. This includes Obama too.

Why did we even invade Afghanistan? What was the military plan that was supposed to dismantle al-Qaeda and remove the Taliban from power? Did our government not understand that fighting entrenched forces in mountainous areas is difficult at best. Or was it just the war pigs needed another war, which of course makes defense contractors happy too. Our invasion arguably had no legal justification but we went ahead and did it anyway. And it all went south rapidly.

“After a month of the U.S. bombing campaign rumblings began to reach Washington from Europe, the Mideast, and Pakistan where Musharraf had requested the bombing to cease. Having begun the war with the greatest imaginable reservoir of moral authority, the U.S. was on the verge of letting it slip away through high-level attacks using the most ghastly inventions its scientists could come up with.” said author Stephen Tanner.

The WaPo report is devastating. Incompetence and failure was covered up with lies. This is quite a lot like what happened in Vietnam and Iraq.

A confidential trove of government documents obtained by The Washington Post reveals that senior U.S. officials failed to tell the truth about the war in Afghanistan throughout the 18-year campaign, making rosy pronouncements they knew to be false and hiding unmistakable evidence the war had become unwinnable.

The interviews, through an extensive array of voices, bring into sharp relief the core failings of the war that persist to this day. They underscore how three presidents — George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Donald Trump — and their military commanders have been unable to deliver on their promises to prevail in Afghanistan.

Several of those interviewed described explicit and sustained efforts by the U.S. government to deliberately mislead the public. They said it was common at military headquarters in Kabul — and at the White House — to distort statistics to make it appear the United States was winning the war when that was not the case.

“Every data point was altered to present the best picture possible,” Bob Crowley, an Army colonel who served as a senior counterinsurgency adviser to U.S. military commanders in 2013 and 2014, told government interviewers. “Surveys, for instance, were totally unreliable but reinforced that everything we were doing was right and we became a self-licking ice cream cone.

George Nader indicted on campaign finances charges. For Clinton 2016

George Nader rabbit hole

George Nader, adviser to Trump 2016 campaign has already been indicted for “bestiality pornography found on his cellphones featuring toddler-age boys, baby goats and other farm animals” and for bringing a “14-year-old Czech boy to the United States for sex.” Truly, Trump only hires and attracts the very best…

Today, Nader and seven other were indicted on campaign finance charges for concealing $3.5 million in campaign contributions to the Clinton 2016 campaign, via bundling and straw donors. The indictment does not specifically name the Clinton campaign however “campaign-finance records clearly reveal that person to be Clinton.”

Further, the indictment says Nader was reporting on his attempts to buy influence to a foreign government. He has been an adviser to Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed, and presumably this could also be MBS.

From the indictment:

A federal grand jury in the District of Columbia indicted Ahmad “Andy” Khawaja, 48, of Los Angeles, California, on Nov. 7, 2019, along with George Nader, Roy Boulos, Rudy Dekermenjian, Mohammad “Moe” Diab, Rani El-Saadi, Stevan Hill and Thayne Whipple. The 53 count indictment charges Khawaja with two counts of conspiracy, three counts of making conduit contributions, three counts of causing excessive contributions, 13 counts of making false statements, 13 counts of causing false records to be filed, and one count of obstruction of a federal grand jury investigation. Nader is charged with conspiring with Khawaja to make conduit campaign contributions, and related offenses.

According to the indictment, from March 2016 through January 2017, Khawaja conspired with Nader to conceal the source of more than $3.5 million in campaign contributions, directed to political committees associated with a candidate for President of the United States in the 2016 election.

Nader allegedly reported to an official from a foreign government about his efforts to gain influence.