George Conway may not actually be Never Trump

Cheri Jacobus tweet about George Conway and Kavanaugh

George Conway is married to senior counselor to Trump Kellyanne Conway . He spends considerable time ranting on Twitter about how horrible Trump is, often to be point where it seems almost satire. It’s mostly just nasty attacks that border on being unhinged. Which is fine, however not at all what you would expect a seasoned DC operative to be capable of. The usual Beltway pundits marvel at how unusual this is, what must their conversations at home be like, and isn’t it just too crazy that a DC insider Never Trumper is married to a rabid pro-Trumper. Oh giggle giggle.

Or so the conventional wisdom goes. There’s always been a minority view that George Conway is not at all who he appears to be. And indeed, Trump never seems to attack him. Why would that be? It might be due to deference to Kellyanne (however that would not be something Trump is exactly known for doing.) So quite possibly it is due to something else.

Cheri Jacobus

Former Republican National Committee spokesperson Cheri Jacobus tweeted that Conway infiltrated himself into Never Trump discussions on the Right during the Kavanaugh nomination. He helped convince them to back Kavanaugh, which led others like Sen. Susan Collins to vote to confirm. Conway responded saying “Whoever you are, you are lunatic, and you are a liar.” Yet he clearly knows who she is because she was a Republican Party major player for years. And he had no factual rebuttal. Just his usual nastiness.

Conway also ran interference for AG Barr spending $30,000 for a birthday party at Trump’s DC hotel, which at the very least is ethically stinky thing for Bar to do. And why would he go out of his way to do that?

I’ve been Never Trump since before the 2016 elections and have followed and actively participated in it on Twitter. And have lost track of how many people pretended to be something they were not. There are snakes everywhere. So, beware, be careful, verify. If new revelations jettison old ideas, then move on with the new.

MIT Media Lab Disobedience Award was to be given to MeToo activists

The hypocrisy and degeneracy of MIT Media Lab attempting to give their Disobedience Award to MeToo activists while secretly being funded by convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein is breathtaking in its cynicism. However, it’s not even slightly surprising that billionaires and supposed elites are trying hard to defend Joi Ito and Jeffrey Epstein. Happily, they are mostly getting reamed for this.

This is a fine example of how members of a privileged class defend their class when it is attacked. Whether or not they are supposed liberals or progressives has nothing to do with it.

Anand Giridharadas was asked to be on the Disobedience Award panel. When the news about Epstein secretly funding Media Lab broke, he expressed misgivings about it to award funder Reid Hoffman, founder of Linkedin. Hoffman essentially told Giridharadas to STFU, that he was not fit to judge. Anand resigned and tweeted what Hoffman said.

“So I resigned. I’m sharing my emails for the sake of transparency, because people deserve to know how these things work. And because people should know that cruel social structures are sustained not only by outright cruelty but also by politeness and silence that entrench power.”

“My own glimpse into this one little world revealed people more respectful of Epstein even in death than of living people who question their power and ways. There are actually smart people out there who didn’t cavort with Epstein. They are the ones who will fix what was broken.”

“Why do we live in such an angry time? people keep asking. Well, this is one reason.”

MIT Media Lab founder Nicholas Negroponte tried to run interference for Epstein and got shouted down at an internal meeting.

t was at this point that Negroponte said he would still have given Ito the same advice today.

The comments clearly stunned some of his listeners. A woman in the front row began crying. Kate Darling, a research scientist at the MIT Media Lab, shouted, “Nicholas, shut up!” Negroponte responded that he would not shut up and that he had founded the Lab, to which Darling said, “We’ve been cleaning up your messes for the past eight years.”

Zuckerman, who had spoken earlier in the meeting, also had a brief spat with Negroponte. Negroponte pressed on: in the fund-raising world, he said, these types of occurrences were not out of the ordinary, and they shouldn’t be reason enough to cut off business relationships. It wasn’t until Darling yelled “Shut up!” again that Negroponte mumbled “Good grief,” and sat down. Soon after, the meeting disbanded.

Trump’s dementia will only get worse until they can no longer pretend

Dementia word cloud

Trump’s frenzied ranting about Sharpiegate is a clear example of his increasing dementia. Trump is not rational, cannot let it go, keeps quadruping down. Maybe a year ago he could bluster his way out of it. However, everyone knows he is lying now. Except him, possibly. I mean, someone at the White House leaked that Trump himself altered the map with a sharpie. He is ranty grandpa who needs the car keys taken from him.

His handlers desperately continue to cover up. Trump’s public appearances since his enfeebled G7 showing have been greatly limited. Trump has only appeared in public for two hours in the past ten days and when he does, speaks oddly and often has a tantrum about something.

Dementia is irreversible and only gets worse. Trump will become increasingly confused and impaired. By Christmas he’ll be an obvious mess. Scaramucci thinks Trump will be gone by March, a victim of senility and bad poll numbers. If by some chance Trump hangs on past March, he will be in no condition for the Republican convention in July. Trump has already said he won’t campaign much and he will be in no condition to participate in a debate. He’s going to have to be replaced. That means human cardboard mannequin Mike Pence will become president and there will be a civil war in the Republican Party.

Tom Joseph has been tweeting about Trump’s deterioration for quite a while. He lost three family members to forms of dementia, has researched it for years, and invested in in biotech companies looking for ways to ease symptoms.

Some selected tweets from Tom @TomJChicago. He’s definitely worth following on Twitter.

It doesn’t matter what states do to block Trump’s GOP challengers. These states will look foolish as his impairment continues to worsen. He was dragging both feet at the G7 & is humiliating himself every time he appears in public-only 2 hrs in the last 10 days. It gets much worse

Pence faces diminishing returns by not acting. His inaction is going to hurt him w/ the GOP. There are contenders. Each day he doesn’t make a bold move he looks weak. I’d give it 60-40 odds that there will be serious conflict between Trump & Pence factions.

“Trump’s activity has slowed to a trickle.” That’s what dementia does. It’s hard to be in public. As predicted, we are seeing less of Trump. Short bursts at best. MSM, of course, notices his stunted schedule bc they, unlike Dotard, are actually working.

Jose Andres and World Central Kitchen are feeding the Bahamas

World Central Kitchen feeding locations. Bahamas

The World Central Kitchen is on the ground in the Bahamas with food they brought in by helicopter, which will be cooked by chef Jose Andres and his team. He says they have “kitchens ready to go and shelters mapped out. If kitchens are destroyed, we build one and cook in big paella pans!”

They made thousands of sandwiches in advance. The food is finally getting to the Bahamas now that Dorian has moved. The areas the World Central Kitchen are feeding were demolished by Dorian. Few structures remain. The infrastructure is badly damaged. There are no services and no stores. The situation there is beyond dire. Imagine what a good meal means to desperate, hungry people who have lost everything and are traumatized. Not only is it food, it also means someone cares, and help is coming.

Mission statement for World Central Kitchen

“With your help, we have shown that there is no place too far or disaster too great for our chefs to be there with a hot plate of food when it’s needed most.

I hope you’ll dream with us as we envision a world where there is always a warm meal, an encouraging word, and a helping hand in hard times. Thank you for taking this journey with us.

Join me in fulfilling the inspiring words of John Steinbeck: Wherever there’s a fight so hungry people may eat, we will be there.”

Donate to World Central Kitchen.

Controlled Thermal Resources. Sustainable lithium and renewable power

Controlled Thermal Resources

The Salton Sea is California’s largest lake, is saline, and gets baking hot in the summer. There often are massive fish kills and it can reek. It is a major bird migratory route. Truly, it is a strange place. However, it also has abundant geothermal energy and – mixed in with the geothermal brine – is lithium. Controlled Thermal Resources plans to extract lithium, which is used in batteries, from the geothermal brine before pumping it back underground again.

They will use their own geothermal power to extract the lithium, thus it will be 100% clean and renewable. Plus the facility will have a small physical footprint, no open-pit mining or evaporation pools, and it will take less than an hour to produce the lithium. Wow.

Controlled Thermal Resources plans to have lithium production by 2023. They have twenty years experience producing geothermal energy in the Salton Sea so are well-positioned to extract the lithium too. The facility is sited near rail lines to make lithium transport simplified. Plus, they own several hundred acres for when other businesses move in to use the lithium they produce.

From their email newsletter:

“Battery-grade lithium products are produced from the brine directly (taking less than 1 hour), whilst utilizing renewable thermal heat as various forms of energy for processing.

The Salton Sea highly-mineralised geothermal brine resource in California is the largest and most robust in North America; in fact, the largest and most studied geothermal power resource on the planet.

CTR plans to deliver battery-grade lithium carbonate from our first train in 2023, just as demand is expected to outstrip supply on a global basis.”