Democrats need to make the 2020 election a referendum on Trump

Rather than drag in a bunch of other issues, Democrats need to make the 2020 election solely about Trump. That’s how to will win. Forget other issues for now. Make it completely about Trump, his corruption, greed, sex crimes, contempt for the law, and incompetence. The other issues come later, after a Democrat is elected president.

To guarantee a victory Democrats need to grab as much of the center vote as possible. That means appealing to moderates who aren’t particularly interested in being woke. They just want the country to go back to some semblance of normality. Woke isn’t going to win the election because that’s not where the crucial votes are. The hard left will mostly vote for the Democrat anyway as they have no other place to go, especially since the Green Party will almost certainly nominate Howie Hawkins who is unknown outside the party and Jill Stein isn’t running.

And please Democrats, stop triumphant woke blather about socialism, because it’s counter-productive.
1) A recent poll shows that talk about socialism completely turns off many voters. You want four more years of Trump? Talk about how woke socialist Democrats are. Because that’s pretty much the only way Trump can win.
2) AOC and Bernie Sanders aren’t actually socialist. Neither have called for state ownership of the means of production to replace capitalism, which is what socialism is. Both basically are New Deal Democrats who want a serious safety net. Which is great! But why call it socialism, because it’s not.

Nor is saying they are Democratic Socialists who want Nordic style socialism, because those countries are capitalist to the bone too. Norway has the largest sovereign wealth fund on the planet. That’s not socialism. They absolutely treat their citizens well with free education and free healthcare. We should do the same. But again, that’s not socialism.

Also, yowling about the unfairness of the Electoral College is pointless. We will have it in 2020 and probably for decades to come, as it would require a Constitutional amendment to replace it.

So let’s make the election all about Trump and nothing else. That’s how we win.

Poll: Majority of Americans say they would not vote for a ‘socialist’

In a new Hill.TV/HarrisX American Barometer poll released Tuesday, an overwhelming majority of respondents, 76 percent, said they would not vote for a “socialist” political candidate, while only 24 percent of those polled said they would vote for a socialist candidate.

Brazil investigating Glenn Greenwald for money laundering

Mariordo (Mario Roberto Durán Ortiz) (, „Posto da Torre BSB 09 2018 0572“,
Brazilian car wash and gas station where Operation Car Wash investigation began.

A “Mysterious Peacock” surfaced on Twitter documenting what he says is proof The Intercept / Glenn Greenwald paid $300,000 in cryptocurrency to Evgenyi Bogachev, the FBI’s most wanted black hat hacker. The implication is Bogachev then hacked private accounts of members of Brazil’s thuggish government and produced documents that Glenn Greenwald used to expose massive corruption by the government in an ongoing scandal called Operation Car Wash. And now the government is attacking Greenwald.

Greenwald lives in Brazil. His husband is a federal congressman there. The government, clearing in retaliation for Greenwald’s articles, says they are now investigating Greenwald for money laundering. The Mysterious Peacock Twitter account disappeared after a few hours, after everyone grabbed screenshots. Bitcoin account transactions are public, even as the owners of the accounts are not. However, it is sometimes possible to link names to accounts. Greenwald of course denies the money transfer. However, if the transfers happened then it could be money laundering. I mean, that’s essentially why cryptocurrencies exist.

The current government of Brazil are corrupt extreme right-wing thugs. Glenn Greenwald is in IMO a Putin-loving shill with dubious loyalties. The Intercept is backed by a billionaire, however Greenwald may well be in serious trouble in Brazil and should be supported on this.

Excerpts from Threader, of the Twitter discussion.

A Brazilian hacker, codenamed “mysterious peacock” has just exposed confidential documents on Twitter claiming to have traced Bitcoin deposits on the sum of 300k USD paid from The Intercept to Evgenyi Bogachev, FBI’s most wanted black-hat hacker.

Glenn, married to a Brazilian Federal Congressman recently revealed private messages between now Justice Minister Sergio Moro and the task force of “Operation Car Wash”, alleging that as a crusading anti-corruption judge he coordinated with prosecutors in the case that led to the conviction and jailing of former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. Moro is a national hero in Brazil and one of the strong men of President-elect Jair Bolsonaro.

BTC and ETH supposedly being used to pay FBI’s #2 most wanted black-hat hacker to break into Telegram accounts of Brazil’s Justice Minister and Federal Prosecutors who have been ahead of the “Car Wash Operation”, the largest investigation on Latin American Political Mafia

The other Fremont Street in Vegas

This part of Fremont Street in Vegas was mostly closed dive motels. It’s coming back. Artists, hipsters, and businesses are moving it. The motels are being restored or demolished for new buildings. In five years it’ll look way different. More than any other city I’ve lived in, Vegas is always reinventing itself.

Big Rig Jig. Fremont Street
Big Rig Jig.
Hotel mural.  Fremont Street
Mural on hotel.
Atomic Liquor. Fremont Street
Atomic Liquor
Peace Gun mural. Fremont Street
Peace Gun mural
Old motel marquee. Fremont Street
Old motel marquee. Note sculpture on person on light pole.
Life is Beautiful mural. Fremont Street
Life Is Beautiful is a major music festival in Vegas, located in this part of Fremont Street..

Desalination use growing despite energy, environmental issues

Carlsbad desalination plant. San Diego
Carlsbad desalination plant. San Diego

Desalination seems a perfect solution to water shortages. Take the salt out of ocean water and turn it into drinking water. 300 million people today rely on desal water. However, there are serious issues. First off, desalination requires a lot of electricity and in too many areas today, like the Middle East, that power comes from fossil fuels, which contribute to global warming. Second, bringing ocean water into the plant can kill fish, larvae, and plankton plus dumping the salty brine back into the ocean will have deleterious effects. Third, it’s expensive. The Carlsbad desal plant near San Diego treats 50 millions gallons a day. However the cost is double that of their primary source of water, the Colorado River.

One promising approach is to use brackish water, which is much easier to clean because it has much less solids in it and doesn’t require being near an ocean, so it’s cheaper than ocean water desalination.

De-sal proponents acknowledge the industry must confront and solve some serious environmental issues if it is to continue to grow. Desalination requires vast amounts of energy, which in some places is currently provided by fossil fuels. Kiparsky warns of a feedback loop where more de-sal is needed as the planet warms, which leads to more greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, there are serious concerns about the damage to marine life from the plant’s intake systems and extra-salty wastewater.

A study by the UN Institute for Water, Environment and Health published earlier this year contends that the problem of brine waste has been underestimated by 50 percent and that, when mixed with the chemicals meant to keep systems from fouling, the brine is toxic and causes serious pollution.

FYI: Las Vegas has had toilet-to-tap for years and traps as much storm water as possible. One big advantage is Vegas can store the cleaned-up water in Lake Mead and it doesn’t count against their allotment of water from the lake.

The Pacific Institute’s Cooley argues that before building de-sal plants, municipalities should fully implement conservation programs, promote potable re-use – the re-use of wastewater, also known as toilet-to-tap recycling – or treat storm water runoff. “It makes sense to do the cheaper options first and leave the more expensive options down the road to be developed when you need them,” she said.

NV Energy plans massive solar / battery projects

Existing Moapa solar power
Existing Moapa solar

NV Energy has agreed to buy electricity from three planned solar projects that will use batteries to store excess power so it can be used later when the sun has set. Projects like this make solar power way more usable, and prices are cheap. Yes, cheap.

“Solar used to be expensive, and batteries used to be expensive — and now it’s cheap. We’re going to see new records set very regularly.”
— Jenny Chase, Bloomberg New Energy Finance

These projects in total will bring 1.2 GW of new power online. Two of them will be on Moapa land north of Las Vegas. Their primary business has been a truck stop on I-15 where cigarettes and fireworks can be purchased cheaply. A few years back they ok’ed a solar facility on their land. All that power is sold in long-term contracts to Los Angeles and is generating millions in revenue for the tribe. These two new sites will sell to NV Energy, also by contact. Thus, the Moapa will have more guaranteed income streams.

The Gemini Solar + Battery Storage will be a behemoth 690 megawatt solar project with the world’s largest battery storage on the planet, a whopping 531 MW and built on federal land near Vegas.

The Arrow Canyon Solar Project will be 200 megawatt with 75 megawatt battery system located on the Moapa Band of Paiutes Indian Reservation.

The Southern Bighorn Solar & Storage Center, a 300 megawatt solar array with 135 megawatt battery also on Moapa River Indian Reservation.