Nevada Democratic Party, why you so crazy complicated?

Tonight is the voting to be on the Clark County (Vegas) Central Committee. If you show up, you can probably get elected, as it has hundreds of members. However, as always, the rules and procedures seem hand-crafted with special care to create the maximum amount of chaos and dissension.

We were at the Clark County Nominating Convention where the Bernie contingent exploited obscure rules and won, causing some Clintonistas to storm out. They retaliated by exploiting the same rules at the state convention, where a chair was raised in anger but not actually thrown. It was such a train wreck it made national headlines. Hey, our state motto is “Battle Born.” Gotta live up to that.

Feast your eye of this hot mess of procedures. (Pro tip: The closed meeting will almost certainly not be over at 7 PM because it won’t start at 6:15. No word yet on whether Bernies and Clitonistas will be locked outside in the same parking lot, presumably sniping at each other. Have I mentioned this is a state where if you can fog a mirror you can carry a gun legally?)

“Doors will open at 5:30 PM, with a 6:15 start time for the meeting, however the meeting will be a members only closed session until approximately 7:00.

Members of the Nevada Progressive Coalition will be set up in the parking lot with coffee and doughnuts to sustain us.”

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