Yesterday was a sea change

Hey lefties, how about we put an end to dire pronouncements about how screwed we are and instead realize that yesterday was quite astonishing. Millions of mostly first-time protesters filled the streets in opposition to Trump. WaPo and NYT said pointblank that Trump and his comically inept Ministry of Truth mouthpieces were lying about inauguration crowd size. I’d say this is a sea change.

Let’s use this opportunity to engage with, listen to, and help these new protesters learn to organize even better. Because if we want to topple Trump, we will need broad-based support of middle America. Don’t say this can’t happen, because this is exactly how Nixon was forced from office. He resigned because he lost so much support he could no longer govern. A better attitude is to adopt what Queen Victoria said, “”We are not interested in the possibilities of defeat; they do not exist.”

So let’s put an end to deeply ponderous, learned articles, pontificating based on arcane knowledge of leftie history that show how clever the author is, how we are screwed and all is woe. Because we aren’t screwed. Not at all. Such articles are counter-productive, lefter-than-thou, and often pointlessly irrelevant.

You don’t think the Women’s March protesters are properly militant because they don’t adhere to whatever your silly sect says? How about instead you just get out of the way so actual change can occur? Or better yet, work to make it happen. Because it can.

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