Islamists and Christianists. A pox on you both

ISIS-linked news agency releases video of Amri swearing allegiance to them, who is now dead, killed by Italian police.

Amri has as much relation to Islam as Dylann Roof does to Christianity. Let’s try to get past all the rubbish about religion and figure out genuine ways to stop a few lone psychos from slaughtering innocents. Hint: Overwhelming force and let’s go stomp the bastards isn’t effective because they aren’t a state, have no fixed location, and are difficult to find. So, spewing testosterone about stomping them is singularly useless.

Amri was known to German authorities as Islamist. They were trying to deport him. Merkel has a real trouble now. Slamming shut borders and letting refugees fend for themselves and freeze to death in the cold is not a solution either.

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