A strange, weird, contentious election. Maybe a harbinger too


This is the strangest presidential election in U.S. history. Internal factions in both parties are snarling at each other. Neither party is listening much to what the other says, except for possible ammo to attack it with. Candidates who usually would be third party (Trump and Sanders) are making serious runs. Discontent bordering on rebellion is everywhere because, yeah, lots of people are getting screwed and falling behind. The American Dream is slipping away from them.

Maybe we all need to realize the ground is crumbling under us rather than being so focused on what those Sleazy Weasels on the Other Side are doing. Meanwhile, too many have not recovered from the 2008 recession and American Empire is looking more than a bit tattered and bedraggled.

Sometimes empires do fall apart. Sometimes countries do split irrevocably.

I continue to hold to the premise that the elections have entered the world of the weird because America itself is on the edge of something that will shake its very core. What that event will be is hard to say because there are so many possibilities, but tensions of this caliber usually escalate to crisis before they deescalate, and tensions today are surely escalating.

It is clear that we are in for a roller-coaster ride in the next year, so prepare accordingly, but also keep in mind that elections in themselves do not represent threats or solutions to threats. You and I, the awake and aware, are the solution to the threats facing this country. The elections only serve as a gauge for how close to the bottom of the abyss we actually are.

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