Bundy protesters live in alternate universe

Cliven Bundy. BLM cattle closure area April 2014
Cliven Bundy’s wife says the feds have no jurisdiction in Nevada because she and Cliven say so. Really? And just how does that work? Alert readers will note her use of “sovereign” which has as much legal meaning as tax evaders saying they are “sovereign citizens,” which is to say no legal meaning at all. Ask Wesley Snipes how his sovereign citizen defense worked against the IRS. He’s out of prison now.

In other news of the loonies, a protester at Malheur said he would start shooting federal officers if not arrested. The feds obliged. Really folks, the more we learn about the Bundy protesters the more relentlessly and willfully ignorant they seem.

A Las Vegas judge just ruled Cliven Bundy will stay in custody until his trial. There will be no bail.

Outside the courthouse afterward, Bundy’s wife, Carol Bundy, criticized the judge’s decision.

“This just proves the federal government is totally out of control,” she said. “Where does it say in the Constitution that the federal government has jurisdiction over a sovereign state of Nevada?”

Actually Carol, I believe they say it right there in the Constitution.

Yes, if you threaten to kill federal officers so you can get arrested, you will get arrested.

Oregon standoff figure arrested after threatening to shoot federal officers, DA says.
A Grant County sheriff’s deputy arrested Willingham at a motel after Willingham said that if he wasn’t jailed Wednesday, he would “start shooting federal law enforcement officers” the next morning, Carpenter said.

Willingham had a semi-automatic rifle with 230 rounds of .308-caliber ammunition at the time of his arrest.

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