Melissa Click should never have been hired

Melissa Click. Freedom from freedom

The big problem with now-fired Missouri professor Melissa “”Some Muscle Over Here” Click is she never should have been hired. Her qualifications, if you can call them that, are all about identity politics and being a victim. Hardcore organizers on the left, I’m talking dedicated socialists and communists,generally  loathe and detest identity politics because they know, from hard experience, how poisonously divisive and ultimately useless it is. Identity politics divides and splinters, which is exactly what is not needed when building coalitions to work towards change.

Yet too many universities now just revel in identity politics.

Marc Randazza, who went to UMass/Amherest where Click got her PhD, says he’s ‘pretty far left’, and finds Click’s identity politics obnoxiously stupid to the point of being humorous.

She’s not quite finished with The trouble with Thomas: A closer look at the popular children’s Series. I presume that Thomas the Train is an agent of the Patriarchy, and railroads are a metaphor for rape culture, or something like that.

He put up a Dead Kennedy’s poster on his dorm door at UMass/Amherst and was quickly chastised by the Thought Police.

I put up a poster from them, “Nazi Punks Fuck Off.” I quickly found myself up on “civility” charges. Not because the content of my door decoration had profanity in it, that was just fine. No, it was considered to be “Anti-Semitic.” When I mockingly explained the significance of the poster, the residence director explained to me that the intent of the message was irrelevant — it was how it made the anonymous complaining party feel. If they felt harassed by it, I was responsible for those emotions. I was let off with a “warning.”

I took it down, since the last thing I wanted to do was make someone feel like I didn’t like them because they were Jewish — even if they were an abject fucking idiot.

Faced with a deadline for a term paper, he and a friend simply made politically correct shit up and got an A.

Fortunately, I had a cool partner in this project, and as we were trying to write this piece of shit, I took a toke off a bong and suggested that we just do a “word salad” of politically correct terms. We laughed our asses off as we tossed in words like “heteronormative” and “hegemonist.” For about an hour, we both just typed nonsense. Complete and utter bullshit. When we were finished, we cut and pasted it into a single document, and handed it in. We just didn’t give a shit.

Imagine how hard we laughed when we got an A on the paper.

This is the UMass that produced Ms. Click. That is the left-wing academia that offends even me”¦ and I think I’m pretty far left.

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