What Americans fear most: Government corruption


Americans rank fear of government corruption as their #1 fear. followed by corporate tracking of personal data, according to a Chapman University poll. While this should be a wake-up call for politicians and corporations showing the populace deeply distrusts them, it won’t be. Instead, we have completely predictable reaction from oligarch media like Washington Post trying to ridicule the survey, saying we’re just a bunch of scaredy cats and should go watch The Exorcist to chill out. No, really, that’s what their conclusion was.

“We’ve found that people who report high anxiety get more out of scary things. When you scare someone who is very anxious, it takes their pre-thinking brain offline for a second,” she said. “It makes them be present ”¦that makes them feel good instead of worrying. They are very much in control.”

So, after you watch the next presidential debate maybe follow it up with The Exorcist.

Yuck, yuck, yuck. Ok all you shitizens, now STFU.

While the Chapman study does indeed show real discontent in the country, it’s illuminating for what it didn’t ask. Yes, it asked about government corruption. But nowhere on the list of 88 possible responses was corporate corruption. How very curious. Especially since government corruption implies corporate corruption. You can’t have one without the other.

Still though, when the number one fear is one’s own government, then something has gone very wrong indeed in D.C., in Congress, and in the White House. This isn’t a Red vs Blue thing. Both parties are culpable and complicit.

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