Young Greek woman: “I am terrified of tomorrow”

ATM line, Greece
ATM line in Greece

A anguished 21 year old Greek woman details how horrendous the situation is there now. She prays it will not get worse, and is almost certainly wrong. Greece has no good choices. It doesn’t even have bad choices. Greece should do what Iceland did. Call bankster’s bluff by defaulting on the debt, all of it. It really has no other choice. And Iceland has survived, and survived well.

Banksters insist Greece must borrow ever more to pay back previous loans. This is not done to help Greece but to protect their own crumbling balance sheets, which are filled with toxic garbage. The human cost of this deliberate, calculated impoverization of a country is especially cruel, since it could and should be avoided.

There are hundreds of people queueing at the ATMs and petrol stations, there is silence in the streets, people’s faces are frozen. This is the reality since Friday night. There are, and have been for a long time, people literally starving. However, it seems that instead of their situation improving, the rest of us will have no different a fate.

Families and friends divide in Yes and No camps. We are called to exercise our democratic right by voting on a referendum while having no tangible explanation of what will follow each decision. I see everyone I know ready to take this huge responsibility without even being prepared to do so. I notice us, arguing endlessly, everyone supporting their stance fervently, ego dominating minds and words, while having no clue as to what is really at stake.

We all want the crisis to end, we all crave growth and happiness. I do not remember my parents being free of stress and anxiety in the past years. I do not remember not noticing shops closing every month, or the rapid increase of beggars in the streets. People that, before the financial crisis, never had to beg for anything. However, the past five days have been worse than all that has been so far. They say that all we hear is propaganda; but we have lost our trust in all sides, now everything seems to be lies.

It feels like an end. The end of our lives as we knew them. Yes, the lives that, before Friday, we already thought could be better; now we realise they were better then. The only thing we truly wish for is that the worst is not yet to come.

As always, the comments at Zero Hedge are like darkly humorous cyberpunk with an edge of ultraviolence. And quite realistic too…

The situation will just get worse and worse and worse and worse unless/until the banksters who created this fucking mess are hung from lampstands.

Understand: you do not reason with psychopaths. You do not negotiate with psychopaths. Never trust a psychopath. The only beneficiary of a deal with psychopaths is the psychopaths. All that they ever leave behind them is a trail of heartache and grief and destruction. They are always and only destroyers. They have no sympathy or compassion. It is literally not part of their consciousness. The only thing they want is wealth and power, and they will run rings around you, rationalizing and lying and manipulating, to get it. YOU MUST GET FREE OF THE PSYCHOPATHS. IF YOU DO NOT, A WHOLE HELL OF A LOT OF VICTIMS WILL DIE.

Here in the grand old USA, we went a little bigger. See, our debt [and military] is so big that when we collapse, we’re turning the club upside down. There won’t be a barstool, a beer mug, or lightbulb left. Economic and kinetic war will finish the job for the whole world. It will be too colossal for any help/assistance. There is no lifeline for us, but we don’t deserve one, we lost our empire long ago. Don’t tell the dealer but we’re not going to pay our tab either……Can I buy you a drink?

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