Even climate change deniers favor renewable energy


I’ve said for years the best way to get renewable energy is stop emphasizing climate change. A study by Yale researchers confirms this. Even in areas of the country where most don’t think climate change is due to humans, they still overwhelmingly support R&D into renewable energy.

This is probably because there are so many other reasons to support renewables. In many areas, renewable energy already is the same cost or less than fossil-fuel generation. Renewable energy can be created nearby, cutting down on transmission costs, making electricity cheaper. Plus, having electricity come from multiple sources (as in rooftop solar everywhere) not just a few big plants, makes the grid more resilient and stronger. Otherwise vacant land can be used for wind and solar farms, generating income for owners. Texas has more wind power than any other state, and plenty of ranchers make good income leasing their land.

So maybe lecturing climate change deniers isn’t the best of all possible approaches. Instead, emphasize how renewable energy can help them – because they probably already know it!


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