US far-left parties declare united front. The Empire trembles

As one who has traveled the far-left extensively, I got a giggle out of this. Two itty bitty far-left groupscules no one has heard of have announced they are joining together. One wonders if they will merge their tedious manifestos, a perilous task indeed. However, given that both websites are humorless, filled with endless prose, and have as few images as possible (because that would be frivolous and boojie), perhaps they can pull off the merger. All fifty of them.

It came as a surprise then to witness two of the more active far-left parties, the American Party of Labor and the Party of Communists USA announced that they would work together in the future.

The Party of Communists has a long and rich history, having been formed in May 2014. APL is similarly quite young. Both are revolutionary Marxist vanguard parties. This means they will lead the revolution as they have the Proper Understanding and the rest of you unenlightened sods are expected to follow obediently. The big problem with all this for them is they resolutely refuse to understand the American working class is not going to go commie. It just isn’t. Instead, any real revolution and change in this country will have to emerge out of the middle class and will probably be called populism.

Alert observers of the far-left will immediately notice exclusion of a major player from consideration.

We need more cooperation between the left-wing, between the greens and the communists, between the socialists and the progressives. If these two organizations can come together in brotherhood, we all can.

I am of course, referring to anarchists. The socialist-anarchist split is the oldest on the far left, going back more than a century. Revolutionary Marxists can barely stand to acknowledge existence of anarchists, much less deal with them as equals. So much for solidarity.

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