White House says Sony hack “national security” issue. N. Korea responsible


Does the White House know Sony isn’t a governmental entity and is headquartered in Japan? Do they even care? There is no actual proof linking North Korea to the Sony attack. However, reality will not dissuade the Ministry of Propaganda in D.C. from blaming North Korea and using the incident to scare the public. Sadly, rather than appearing resolute and determined, the Obama Administration is mostly looking foolish, with its panties all in a twist over a computer break-in against a stupid company with minimal security.

Absent YouTube clips of young North Korean hackers actually attacking Sony, the Obama administration appears to have made up its unequivocal mind that they are responsible… (even as they say the Sony hack origin is still under investigation)

The Rand Corporation takes it one absurd propaganda step further, saying even if North Korea didn’t didn’t do it, the US must git tough now, as failure to do means North Korean might become emboldened to launch future attacks.

The evidence may be inconclusive, but what if North Korea is proven to be responsible for the attack?

The United States must act to deter future cyber attacks against its people and corporations, but how? Culturally, North Korea is unlikely to be deterred by a weak U.S. response—quite the opposite. A weak response will only embolden North Korea and lead to more serious attacks, even if it is not proven to be the culprit.

Quake in your boots, Kim Jong-Un, Rand Corp. has a secret plan to topple the dictator.

Slipping DVDs of at least parts of The Interview into the North, including a narration describing what their “god” Kim is really like, is one way.

This sounds like a Month Python satirical sketch, rather than a supposedly coherent plan.

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