TRX Training. Deceptively simple, can be done anywhere


TRX Training consists of straps with handholds attached to a beam or a door. Dozens of exercises are possible with this simple equipment. TRX was developed by Randy Hetrick when he was a Navy Seal as a way to workout anywhere. I discovered TRX at the gym and just bought the home version. It fits into a small bag. You anchor it by putting the door anchor on the other side of the top of a door, then closing the door. Thus, you can get a serious workout in a hotel room, or anywhere, really, with ten seconds setup time and minimal gear.

Before buying TRX, while experimenting with it at the gym, I realized most people didn’t know what to do with it, so it was barely used. I started experimenting and devised my own workout. Once you buy it, TRX gives you access to detailed downloadable videos and pdfs explaining exercises. It’s great for stretching too. I’ll be using it at home and while traveling over the holidays.

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