Win 8.1 task manager has useful option to web search a running program


I was having my morning coffee when the laptop fan started running and didn’t stop. Something was hogging resources. Task Manager showed the oddly-named  ‘TODO <Product Name>’ was using 18% of CPU time. Yikes Right-clicking it,then choosing ‘Search Online’ provided a quick solution.

This noxious app was actually GamesAppIntegrationService.exe, part of Wild Tangent Games bloatware that came installed on my Toshiba laptop. It lurks in ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\WildTangent Games\App\’ and is not technically a virus or malware. However, any program that hogs 18% CPU time is ill-mannered at best. And just what is it doing that requires so much processor time? At the very least, it is sloppily written and gives no thought to conserving resources. This meets my definition of malware.

I deinstalled it and now the laptop is back to normal. The ability to quick search running programs directly from Task Manager is useful indeed.

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