IRS disclosed confidential taxpayer info to White House, says TIGTA


Jeez, this is really bad. TIGTA (Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration) says the IRS provided confidential taxpayer data to the Obama White House. This is a criminal offense. TIGTA, an independent agency within the IRS, also broke the Lois Lerner story and is absolutely doing their job, not caring who they piss off. Good.

An IRS watchdog is acknowledging that thousands of documents related to requests between the White House and the tax agency for unauthorized tax information exist — but says it must withhold them all due to privacy concerns.

On Tuesday, an attorney with TIGTA wrote a letter to Cause of Action, and acknowledged that the watchdog had located “2,509 pages of documents potentially responsive to your request.” Of those, TIGTA confirmed that 2,043 were in fact responsive to the request.

“If there is any evidence that the White House requested (unauthorized taxpayer information), then people in the White House are going to be implicated.”


  1. TIGTA said nothing of the sort. The author of this fact-free article should read the actual court documents to understand — and correctly report — that what the documents

    • Seems pretty clear to me.

      “However, Epstein said that the group feels that TIGTA’s acknowledgment of the documents is “absolutely” a victory in their investigation. He said the sheer number of relevant documents indicates that wrongdoing occurred on the part of both the IRS and the White House.”

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