Epic geek-out. Scottevest jacket with 35 pockets for gearheads!

scottevest jacket

Listen to Skrillex while being pursued by shadowy forces of evil but be sure to remember what pocket you put the gun in. Don’t reach for the iPad by mistake.

Do you need to travel with a tablet, a couple of smartphones, chargers,  assorted gear and cables, headphones, and maybe a weapon or two? No problem. The Brad Thor Alpha Jacket can handle that and more. Knives slip in the end of the sleeves, Handguns fit with no apparent bulge. Headphones can be attached to a smartphone and easily accessed along with the electronics.

Scottevest has a full line of pants, shirts, and jackets. They say their special balancing system keeps you from lurching about. Most of their clothes don’t have quite so psychotically many pockets. 🙂 Yes, I’m ordering from them soon.

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