Ira Hansen, Nevada State Assembly Speaker, makes a “male apology”


The new speaker of the Nevada State Assembly is sorry you are so upset by his totally taken-out-of-context comments about Blacks being simple-minded and Hispanics being mostly criminals. This is a classic “male apology” is where, instead of apologizing for being a douchebag, Ira Hensen is upset that you got so upset by his comments, which were clearly meant to be provocative and / or humorous. I’m glad I could clear that up for you for you.

[His] statement is almost pure Limbaugh. “I’m sorry IF you were offended.” Of course people were offended – his comments were intrinsically, blatantly, offensive.

“The comments were made long ago,” And, what have you said or done since, say, last Wednesday to demonstrate you’ve cleaned up your act since?

And, “they were taken out of context”¦” In what context would these have been appropriate comments in the 21st century – or the 19th for that matter?

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