Ira Hansen, Nevada State Assembly Speaker, makes a “male apology”


The new speaker of the Nevada State Assembly is sorry you are so upset by his totally taken-out-of-context comments about Blacks being simple-minded and Hispanics being mostly criminals. This is a classic “male apology” is where, instead of apologizing for being a douchebag, Ira Hensen is upset that you got so upset by his comments, which were clearly meant to be provocative and / or humorous. I’m glad I could clear that up for you for you.

[His] statement is almost pure Limbaugh. “I’m sorry IF you were offended.” Of course people were offended – his comments were intrinsically, blatantly, offensive.

“The comments were made long ago,” And, what have you said or done since, say, last Wednesday to demonstrate you’ve cleaned up your act since?

And, “they were taken out of context…” In what context would these have been appropriate comments in the 21st century – or the 19th for that matter?

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