Democrats focus on urban voters, ignore suburbs to their peril


Damn it, those foolish voters are moving out of urban areas to the suburbs. This is so not what Democratic elites want. Voters need to stay in the cities and be attentive to issues their betters, the supposed elites deem worthy. Alas for Democrats, they’ve blown it once again. Voters just aren’t being obedient. Democrats rely on urban dwellers for votes. Increasingly, that voting bloc is no longer reliable.

As will become even more obvious in the lame duck years, the political obsessions of the Obama Democrats largely mirror those of the cities: climate change, gay marriage, feminism, amnesty for the undocumented, and racial redress. These may sometimes be worthy causes, but they don’t address basic issues that effect suburbanites, such as stagnant middle class wages, poor roads, high housing prices, or underperforming schools. None of these concerns elicit much passion among the party’s true believers.

The Obama Administration is pushing hard to encourage people to move back to cities, ditch their cars, and live in densely populated urban areas. However, population trends show most growth is happening in the suburbs, not the cities. I’m guessing most of the Administration officials pushing such plans themselves live in pricey suburbs outside of D.C.

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