What could possibly go wrong with Google nano particles in your body?

We promise to not be harmful and  to never abuse your medical privacy
We promise to not be harmful and to never abuse your medical privacy

Google is becoming positively Stasi-esque in its relentless march to monitor every facet of our lives. It is creating nano particles to journey through our bodies, reporting data back to whoever. Google assures a perhaps skeptical public that the particles are completely safe, comparing this to their self-driving car, which isn’t safe at all since it can’t handle real world weather conditions. So then, it’s not really safe at all, is it?

Conrad likened the way these nano particles travel through your body to “a self driving car for your body,” and said that the particles itself are very safe.

As for the thorny privacy issue of who gets to read the data, Google approaches that like arms merchants. They just sell the technology. What happens to the data is not their business. Of course they may secretly send it all to their servers and then to NSA. Am I paranoid? I think not. Google has shown many times they care little for user privacy and have been in bed with the government for years, and at the highest levels too.

Google wants to partner with others to make this nano platform commercially available. Conrad didn’t mention any potential partners by name, but said that Google would leave all the data capturing and the cooperation with doctors and health care providers to those partners. He said Google’s role would be more like GE, which also doesn’t own everyone’s MRI, but simply is behind the technology powering MRI machines.

So, as the No Agenda podcast says, “Shut up, slaves” and accept the wonderfulness that is Google invading every inch of your lives.

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