Las Vegas surveillance is pervasive. Coming to your town?


The Las Vegas Sun details the extraordinary number of way Las Vegans are watched and monitored, both inside and outside of casinos. Player’s cards record everything you do. And then there are the cameras.

Cameras in Vegas casinos watch and monitor everything. Most casinos have at least 2,000 cameras. Some have upwards of 15,000. While all cameras can’t be watched at once, the watchers focus on things the rest of us might ignore, like what a person’s hands and feet are doing and if the quality of their shoes match the their clothing. If not, they could be hustlers looking to scam or steal.

“It’s easy with one camera to follow a person,” Whiting said. “But the hard thing is to stick 50 cameras together and do that throughout the whole casino floor. But that’s the future and that’s going to happen.”

Facial recognition is coming, although it’s more difficult in casinos because of difficulty in getting straight shots of faces.

Surveillance like this is coming everywhere. It can not be reversed. We can only hope to control it.

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