Turking for bots until they replace you. Then you pay for re-training

Amazon Mechanical Turk. Make pennies!
Amazon Mechanical Turk. Do piecework for pennies!

Just when you think the whole web disruptor ethos couldn’t get sleazier… Bots will increasingly replace jobs. Some jobs can not yet be done by bots. Employers will use turking (ultra-cheap non-employees) to do the work until the bots can replace them. Then charge the ex-workers to learn the next skill, which bots will also replace.

You can guess what this dynamic will look like.

  • Micro-loan offered at extortionate interest rate financing training for turking job.
  • Turking job lasts a couple of months. Earnings are garnished to pay loan.
  • Bot eats job.
  • New loan required for more training. Cycle repeats.

Of course, this doesn’t have to be our future.

We can do better than the idiots in Washington and the parasites on Wall Street.

We have to do better.

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