25% of Americans want their state to secede


Some years ago a Russian, I forget who, write a book saying the US could have an implosion on the scale of the collapse of the USSR. At the time, I thought this absurd. I now think it’s possible. A Reuters poll confirms that across the country. A solid 25% want their state to leave the union. The discontent is mostly inchoate now. That will change. DC politicians are mostly deliberately comatose and uncaring about the public they pretend to represent. Instead, they bow down and owe allegiance to corrupt banksters and sleazy corporations who give them “contributions” while they are in office and exorbitant salaries, speaking fees, and other financial rewards as payoffs after they leave office.

People have good reason to be outraged. The system has failed the country. It is corrupt at the core.

Those we spoke to seemed to have answered as they did as a form of protest that was neither red nor blue but a polychromatic riot — against a recovery that has yet to produce jobs, against jobs that don’t pay, against mistreatment of veterans, against war, against deficits, against hyper-partisanship, against political corruption, against illegal immigration, against the assault on marriage, against the assault on same-sex marriage, against government in the bedroom, against government in general — the president, Congress, the courts and both political parties.

By the evidence of the poll data as well as these anecdotal conversations, the sense of aggrievement is comprehensive, bipartisan, somewhat incoherent, but deeply felt.

If our “leaders” weren’t so engrossed in looting the country, they might (and should) be worried about this. But they are simultaneously too arrogant, stupid, and venal to care what the populace thinks. That’s probably how most of the insiders of USSR were too. Until it was too late. Overt gangsterism soon replaced the ossified USSR structure. Don’t think that can’t happen here.


  1. The gentleman’s name is Dimitry Orlov, The book is The Five Stages of Collapse.Highly recommended, as is his website, Club Orlov. He lived in the USSR in the last days and the parallels he points out between there and here are striking indeed.

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