Restaurants replacing pesky workers with tablet ordering

Ziosk tablet at Chili's
Ziosk tablet at Chili’s

WaPo has a breathless article extolling the virtues of ordering by tablet at a restaurant, freeing customers from all that tedious personal contact with a human being who might, God knows, start yammering about wanting a higher minimum wage or some such fool thing. Thus, it’s just so much better to shove those unfortunates out the door and concentrate on all the wonderful ways you can customize your burger order. Woo-hoo.

Chili’s has 45,000 tablets replacing restaurant workers. McDonalds is installing them too. Some McDonalds in China even have robot cooks. All this makes restaurant CEOs and banksters happy. Get rid of those pesky humans and watch profits and stock prices soar.

“When robots start to serve soylent green we will have closed the circle so to speak.”

Robots and computerized systems will be everywhere soon. Lots of jobs will vanish. Maybe yours. This trend is irreversible.

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